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The German Shepherd Dog (GSD) was originally bred in Germany in the 1800s as a working sheepdog; hence the name. The best bred GSDs were loyal, highly intelligent and naturally protective. However, backyard breeding and poor breeding standards since the late 1990s (supported by the various international kennel clubs) have resulted in a change for the worse in both health and temperament. The modern GSD is prone to severe hip dysplasia, anxiety, general nervousness and both fear-aggression and dominance-aggression. Be extremely careful in your choice of a breeder if you are intending to purchase a GSD puppy.

The German Shepherd is a large-sized dog that originated in Germany. German Shepherds are working dogs developed originally for herding sheep.

In the book The Intelligence of Dogs, German Shepherds are ranked third for intelligence, behind Border Collies and Poodles. According to the book they are able to learn simple tasks after only five repetitions and will obey the first command 95% of the time. Together with their physical strength, their intelligence, and ability to interpret instructions better than other large dog breeds makes them highly suitable to work with search and rescue, police, and guarding. 


Well-trained and socialized German Shepherd Dogs have a reputation as being very safe, but they have certainly suffered from image problems.  Historically there has been problems with temperament and biting.  In the US, a 1996 source suggests that German Shepherds were responsible for more reported bitings than any other breed, and a tendency to attack smaller dogs was noted.  Australian statistics in a 1999 report showed that German Shepherds were the third breed most likely to attack people (in some locations).    Good breeders have done a great deal of work to improve temperament. A gene for fear biting had crept into the breed and affected dogs were noted to be timid, and when frightened had a tendency to  bite people.  


Well bred German Shepherds are known to be affectionate, intelligent dogs and loyal to the point that they are willing to do anything for the people they love including sacrificing their own lives. German Shepherds adore their family.   While they are great with children they shouldn't be left alone with small children and should always be supervised - mainly because they can be quite boisterous.


German Shepherds are the kind of dogs that would take a bullet to protect their owner. There are numerous heroic stories about German Shepherds, either while on duty or in normal daily life.


German Shepherd Dogs can be prone to health problems such as haemophilia and elbow and hip dysplasia ( a crippling disease of the hind legs). The GSDL has Breed Improvement Schemes that are designed to reduce the incidence of diseases with possible genetic links. The A clearance means that the puppy is of a quality acceptable for breeding.  If you are interested in buying a German Shepherd puppy you should ask if the parents have been breed surveyed and checked for hip problems (by x-ray).  Also ask to see the certifcates to make sure the puppy will be free of these health problems.


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Source: Wikipedia

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