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The Bengal Cat a unique domestic cat that closely resembles their wild ancestors. The name "Bengal cat" came from the name of the Asian leopard cat (P. b. bengalensis) - not from the more distantly related Bengal tiger.

The Bengal is a medium to large cat with a long muscular body.   They are extremely intelligent, curious, active, friendly and social. The Bengal has a desirable "wild" appearance with large spots, rosettes, and a light/white belly. They have a thick, beautifully sleek and soft coat. Coat types include spotted, marbled and glitter.  They are very vocal cats who are known to chat loudly to their humans - particularly, it seems, in greeting when they first arrive home.

Despite the breed’s primitive background, the Bengal makes a rewarding pet for those who have the patience and understanding to care for their active and demanding nature.  While the bengal has a loving and friendly nature, similar to many other domestic cat breeds, they are also incredibly active and athletic and are not the cat for someone that is after  placid, low key companion. All potential owners should be warned that Bengals are strong, lively cats that do not outgrow their playful nature and they are recommended for more ‘experienced’ cat owners.   Bengals must not be free to roam so adequate fencing or enclosure is a must.

Life span: On average 12-16 years    Weight: Males weigh on average between  4.5-6.8kg and females 3.6-5.4kg

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