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The Japanese Akita Inu (JAI) is a breed of contradictions, complex but simple - and Full Time love assured. Being close to the wolf in DNA, the JAI radiates soulfulness, strength of character, and a peaceful dignified presence.  They are also extremely loving and devoted to their family.  They are intelligent, beautiful looking dogs with soft and thick fur coats.


A dog with an ancient, astounding history.  Historically hunters of both small & large prey - JAI's would admirably hold the prey at bay until their masters arrived for the kill.  Sadly, they've been used as fighting dogs, and were killed for the use of their pelts in the desperate times of war. The breed has also survived near extinction. 


Ownership of a Japanese Akita Inu (JAI) is to be taken seriously. They are not the dog for everyone and a good understanding of the breed is critical. Obedience training, setting boundaries and socialization from an early age is not an option but a necessity.   JAI's need to know who the pack leader is - & it MUST be you!  It is a priority to set firm boundaries, be consistent, to become the respected leader and maintain that postion.   The persistent JAI will test you.  Be sure to seek the advice and guidance of your breeder and a reputable trainer that understands dominant breeds. Akita’s thrive when trained correctly, often topping their training classes.


Japanese Akitas are very placid, seemingly lazy at times - just happy to be near you, which is all part of their easy going nature.  A dominant streak is typical and ever present and they are often referred to as 'stubborn'.  A more positive description might be 'determined and strong willed'.


The Japanese Akita will take it upon themselves to judge unfamiliar people and situations. They will assume a subtle position while observing the situation and your body language.  They are confident guardians.


It is essential to know the JAI's capabilities in a threatening situation, and while they are not aggressive without reason it is critical that owners know early signs and signals.   The JAI were used to hunt large game, even bears, so they 'have no fear’, just 110% dedication to their pack.  


Newcomers visiting your home will be judged and assessed. It is wise to air on the side of caution with strangers to your home.  Observe and know your dog’s signals and remember they are also watching yours.   They are often indifferent to strangers but once accepted as one of ‘their pack’, they may then become part of the “inner circle of trust”.  As with all dogs, children need to be reminded of personal space and taught appropriate boundaries for their own safety.


Akitas are playful and may act like a silly puppy with their loved ones at home.  Even as adults, they will perform the 'Akita dance' with a twinkle in their eyes.  When out and about though, they are noble and majestic with head and tail held high, ears pricked forward and elegant. 


The JAI's intelligence and ability to read body language is extraordinary.  They will comfort in times of need and if you are scared or anxious, they WILL know it. All part of that special bond they have with their pack.   The Japanese Akita is not prone to barking, but communicates with an array of sounds, that you will learn to understand.  Every action or sound is for a purpose.


The Akita (Japanese) Proverbs

“Fierce as a Samurai, Gentle as a Kitten” “Gentle When Stroked, Fierce When Provoked” “Tender in Heart and Strong in Strength"


Thank you to Kim Hamman of  Primal Spirit Japanese Akitas for this comprehensive information and great JAI photos. 


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