List of Cat Breeds, Breed Information & Cat Breeders - Australia

Click on the links below for information about different cat breeds, photos of cats and kittens, and a list of registered cat breeders.  Also see our information about how to find a reputable cat breeder.


Popular cat breeds and registered breeders:

Ragdoll Cats & Ragdoll Breeders  :  Bengal Cats & Bengal Breeders  :  Maine Coon Cats & Maine Coon Breeders   Siamese Cats & Siamese Breeders  :  Siberian Cats & Siberian Breeders  :  Abyssinian Cats & Abyssinian Breeders  : Burmese Cats & Burmese Breeders



For Sale Stunning Cream Colourpoint Himalayan Persian Kitten11 images
Fluffykins Persians has a stunning little Cream Himalayan (Colourpoint Persian) female kitten ... read more
Price: TBA
For Adoption Madam Tilly - Female Cat4 images
Tilly is well known in the suburb called home. Locals love her and spoil her rotten. Throughout her ... read more
For Adoption: Bug - Male Kitten
For Adoption Bug - Male Kitten11 images
Rescued at a very young age from Balmain, dear little Bug is loving his new life, loving food and ... read more