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The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is a pure bred dog originating from Ireland. The four coat varieties are: Traditional Irish, Heavy Irish, English, and American. These dogs have a single coat which sheds very little hair, so they can be more easily tolerated by people allergic to other breeds.


The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is an energetic and playful dog. It requires patience and consistent positive training. Harsh methods will often result in fear and/or aggression. A positive, even-handed approach works best with this intelligent yet headstrong terrier. It is an enthusiastic greeter, and will often jump up to lick a person's face, commonly referred to as the "Wheaten greetin". These dogs do best when they are exercised regularly.


They are cool weather dogs and can become easily overheated in hot weather. If socialized with cats and puppies, they may get along fine with them; if not, care should be taken in introducing them to cats, as the breed has a very strong "prey drive" because of its vermin-hunting origin. Wheatens can get along well with other dogs if properly socialized. They are extremely friendly and loving pets. Wheatens are very protective of their families and, although they may bark an alert at strangers, they rarely get aggressive. Many Wheaten owners thus say they make great watch dogs, but poor guard dogs. Wheatens are a great dog for kids and are generally friendly towards them.


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Potential health issues in Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers

Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers are generally a very healthy dog that, given proper care and nourishment, will live a long and active life, with an average lifespan of 14 years.


All breeds, however, are susceptible to inherited disease and the Wheaten is no exception.  Research has identified two possibly genetically transmitted conditions, which seem to have a higher than normal incidence in Wheatens; protein-losing nephropathy (PLN) and protein-losing enteropathy (PLE). Addison’s Disease also occurs and renal dysplasia (RD) has also been a serious problem with Wheatens.


The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of NSW recommends that breeders health testing regime includes (but in not limited to) Hips, Elbows, Renal Ultrasound, Vet examination of eyes, Gene test status known for PLN and DM, and Blood and Urine testing as appropriate.  Responsible breeders will carry out recommended, breed specific tests, and will be happy to discuss and explain health testing.



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