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The Pointer, is a breed of dog developed as a gun dog. It is one of several pointing breeds. 


Pointers are even-tempered, congenial dogs, happiest living indoors as part of the family. Pointers are affectionate and loyal. Their aggression level is very low to nonexistent and they can happily coexist with other dogs and often cats. They are typically not territorial, although their size and bark will intimidate most people who come to their door. Pointers are very good with children, although young children and a clumsy young Pointer are often not the best combination.


While Pointers were bred to be hunting dogs, they are perfectly content given adequate exercise by other means. Since they are a galloping breed, regular exercise is important for them, as it is for all sporting breeds. A good-sized, securely fenced yard is a must to keep a Pointer safe, since they are bred to hunt a good distance from their person. When left for the day, they typically do best indoors. Pointers are habitual "couch potatoes" who enjoy relaxing on the family's chairs or sofas. This is a natural part of their desire to feel part of the pack.


The Pointer traces back from 300 years of English history. It is used to catch rabbits and birds. It should be athletic and graceful. The immediate impression should be of a compact, hard-driving hunting dog, alert and "ready to let go." The primary distinguishing features of this breed are the head, feet, and tail. Hound or terrier characteristics are undesirable for show purposes.


Grooming a Pointer is not time-consuming. The coat is very short and needs only a quick rub with a soft brush to minimise shedding.


Source: Wikipedia

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