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The Azawakh (pronounced As-a-wak) comes from Western Africa (Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso areas) and are the dog of the Taureg Tribes. They guard the camps and livestock warning of intruders and are used for hunting. They are a primitive guardian sighthound.


Azawakh Temperament

Azawakh are an aloof breed.  They are highly suspicious of strangers and wary of new things and surroundings.  Azawakh are extremely loyal to those they love and those they choose to accept. They are a breed you can not force to accept strangers - remember they are a primitive guardian breed. With lots of socialising most will tolerate strangers so long as the strangers don't force themselves on the dog. Of course, there are the odd exceptions.

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The Ideal Owner for an Azawakh

Azawakh are not a breed suited to everyone - especially first time dog owners. They require some understanding, patience, and a firm but fair pack leader.  Azawakh are a pack animal and require lots of family interaction, they are not suited to a kennel life or being left outside for long periods.  They are a lean flat muscled breed and feel the cold.


Training and Socialisation 

Due to their primitive nature, Azawakh require a lot of socialising, and exposure to all things in normal human life.  For a sighthound, they are highly trainable (most are), with some competing in flyball, obedience, agility and dancing with dogs.  They are also shown in conformation and compete successfully in lure coursing.


How Much Space and Exercise Does an Azawakh Need?

A happy Azawakh would be one that is walked twice a day for an hour each time and given a good free run in a big open safe space at least every second day.   They would enjoy a decent sized backyard, though they will most love being snuggled up under blankets on the couch with their people - especially in colder weather.


Grooming Needs

Azawakh grooming needs are minimal.  They don't require regular baths as they don't get a typical dog smell.  A weekly wipe over with a rubber grooming mitt and their nails trimmed/maintained is all they require.  They are a short coated breed and do shed a lot from winter coat to summer coat and vice versa.


Potential Health Issues in Azawakh

While they are a mostly healthy breed they can suffer from epilepsy and overactive thyroid.



Azawakh Fun Facts

- They are definitely unique and each have their own characters, they can be sweet and cuddly and funny clowns but will only share that side of themselves with their people.

- They are fantastic food thieves, they will tell you they are starving right after you've fed them.

- They will do just about anything for food, their lives mostly revolve around food.

- They can be couch potatoes

- They really dislike being made to go out in the rain

- They choose their person, you can not force them to love you

- They are more easily trained than other sighthounds



Azawakh FAQ'S

How much does an Azawakh cost?  

The cost of a purebred Azawakh from a reputable registered breeder should range from $1500 to $2500.


Isn't your dog too skinny?

No, my dog is not skinny, they are a lean flat muscled breed with protruding hips if you can not see 3 to 5 ribs then they are too fat. Do you ever see fat marathon runners? Azawakh are the marathon runners of sighthound breeds.


Is your dog scared of me?

No, my dog isn't scared of you, it's just the nature of the breed.  They are a primitive guardian breed, they would rather step away and avoid a stranger than have you touch them.  Don't be offended.


What was your dog bred for?

Azawakh are a primitive guardian breed bred to guard the camps and livestock of their people the Taureg Tribes and they also used them to hunt.



Is that a greyhound? Is it a whippet? Is it a Dachie cross? No - its an Azawakh!



Thanks to Jumadabey Azawakh's for providing this breed information and photos.

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