Scam Alerts and Pet Scam List 2024

The growth in online pet scams is a disheartening trend affecting pet lovers globally.  To help address this we now offer an up-to-date, easy-to-use resource where pet scams can be both identified and reported. Our scam list, confirmed by a local review team and international contacts, is part of our commitment to supporting our pet loving community.




Search our list of verified scam websites

Use keywords to sort through our database of fraudulent sites.  Our Pet Scam List is updated weekly, and contains websites confirmed fake by our international team of scam busters. Note that while we keep this as up-to-date as possible there are countless unreported sites and new sites being created daily.   


Report a suspected pet scam

Have you come across a suspicious site?  Please take 2 minutes to report the site here and provide details to our team who will investigate.  This can potentially prevent hundreds of pet lovers from being scammed.  This is a real community effort that requires that we all do our part and letting us know about suspected sites is key to ensuring we can maintain the most current and comprehensive list possible. 


Read more about our initiative 

For an in-depth understanding of our approach, and the broader issue of pet scams, please refer to our comprehensive blog article, and also this article about Pet scams and breeder identity theft


Search Pet Scam List 2024

Use our pet scam search below to check websites that are known to be fraudulent pet websites currently targeting pet lovers (including scam pet couriers and pet transport businesses).  Our database and lists include sites that have only recently been identified as scams, as well as those that have been submitted to authorities (where some may have already been shut down).  Please note that our lists do not include every pet scam site - only those that we've been made aware of, and have confirmed to be fraudulent/fake.  It also does not include the websites of unregistered, unethical breeders, or facebook pages.   If you are suspicious about a website or a breeder and they don't come up in your search, please submit a report, and see our advice and learn about red flags here. 



Last Updated: 17-Apr-2024

Confirmed scam websites

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Australia

Toy Poodle Puppies

Adorable Puppy Sale

Adorable Ragdoll Kittens

Adorable Smart Puppies 4 Home

Agility Fleet Logistics

AKC Paradise

Alluring Munchkin Cats Cattery

Amazing Kitty Kats

Amica Maine Coon

Amun Labrador Puppies

ASL Transport Logistics

Au-Cattery / Amelia Cattery

Aussie Maine Coon Cattery

Australia Kittens

Australian Puppy Link

Baolong Cavoodle

Barry Kittens Home

Basset Hound Australia

Bendeela Cane Corso Kennel