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We are a small Kennel breeding sound, quality & versatile German Shepherds.


Brashawin Kennels have dedicated over 20 years to constant research in order to find and achieve the highest quality German Shepherd Dogs. Equal importance is placed on the health and temperament, equally important is the confirmation. As German Shepherd Breeders our main goal and objective for our breeding program is to breed German Shepherds that are Intelligent, Loyal, Noble, Dignified and sound in mind and body. ...Everything a German Shepherd should be...

Brashawin German Shepherds is a family run breeding kennel. Shannon has spent many years as a vet nurse along with studying and learning from various other high profile trainers. She has committed the last 15 years to learning about dog behaviour and psychology in order to improve her own skills but to impart this knowledge with others wishing to achieve that harmonious relationship with their K9's.

Brad has been a Military Working Dog Handler for over 20 years and has a keen eye for exceptional working dogs. He has a wealth of knowledge that allows Brashawin Kennels to choose and breed German Shepherds of the highest quality.

Brad and Shannon have trained a few dogs for TV commercials and movie productions, assisted others with training their family pet and helped with some unwanted behaviours through modification training. They both participate in various Dogs sports such as IPO, ANKC Obedience and Tracking.

Breeder Questionnaire

Question. Do you health test appropriately (eg hip and elbow X-ray scoring, DNA testing), and understand the genetic issues that may affect your breed? Do you have sensible, sustainable breeding strategies in place to promote the health of your dogs and puppies?
Brashawin Kennels Xray hips and elbows to make sure they pass for A & Z stamps, they also Xray lower lumbar to make sure all dogs in there breeding program are free from any spinal issues Brashawin Kennels DNA tests all their dogs for breed related diseases, using the Full Breed Profile DNA tests through Orivet Only dogs that have passed the breeding requirements are used in our breeding program
Question. Do you ensure that your puppies are properly socialised?
Brashawin puppies undergo Early Neurological Stimulation program and Environmentally enrichment program. By doing so Brashawin puppies are much healthier and better equipped to achieve anything.
Question. Do you have any of the following: conditions of sale, health guarantee or warranty, de-sexing agreement, a buyer questionnaire, verbal or personal interview?
Brashawin Kennels encourages all inquiries to fill in a questionnaire that is available on the website this allows them to prescreen potential new owners. A contract of sale is sent to prospective new owners prior to their new puppy arriving to read in full, desexing is not recommended until after 18months of age.
Question. Is ensuring that your puppies go to the right home a high priority? What type of measures do you take to ensure your dogs and puppies are going to go to loving homes?
Brashawin Kennels will have regular contact with the potential new owners before a puppy is selected to understand their lifestyle and experience owning a German Shepherd. This is to make sure the right puppy is selected for their needs and to reduce the risk of that puppy needing to be rehomed.
Question. Do you offer ongoing support?
Brashawin Kennels provides lifetime support by allowing access to a private facebook page only for owner. Brashawin Kennels is always available by Phone or email at any time to puppy owners.
Question. Do you offer pet insurance?
Breeder has not answered this question
Question. Do you assist the buyer with re-homing an animal that was purchased from you if they are unable to keep it?
If a puppy can no longer be kept by the owner Brashawin Kennels will bring that puppy back no questions asked to assess them for a new home.

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