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A Bichon Frisé (French, meaning curly lap dog), is a small breed of dog of the Bichon type. They are popular pets, similar in appearance to but larger than the Maltese.  Small and fluffy, the Bichon Frise is a big dog in a small body. They are full of life and and make loyal companions that are very devoted to their family, 

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The Bichon Frise is often referred to as "merry" and "cheerful", and the breed standard calls for a dog that is "gentle mannered, sensitive, playful and affectionate". The Bichon Frise loves human company and demands much of your attention. They are generally very sociable and do well with an owner that takes them along on outings. They are charming, affectionate, and intelligent. Bichons do well with children because they are playful and have lots of energy. If affiliated with a particular territory and encouraged by owners, they can become very territorial. Bred to be companion dogs, the Bichon Frise tends to get along well with both children and other animals.


The Bichon Frise is a small dog that weighs approximately 5–10 kg (10–20 lbs) and stands 23–30 cm (9–12 in) at the withers, but slightly larger dogs are not uncommon. The skull is slightly rounded and the muzzle is not pointy. The tail is groomed to be long and curly and is carried over the back. It has a black nose and dark round eyes, its white hair consists of a curly, dense coat with little shedding (much like a poodle in this), although many of the breed do tend to have less curly hair than others.


A small amount of buff, cream, or apricot color may be seen around its ears, snout, paws or body, but normally these colors do not exceed 10% of its body. Coat colors are solid white, apricot or grey. A white coat is preferred in the show ring. The head and legs are proportionate in size to the body, and the ears and tail are natural (not docked or cropped). The coat is trimmed often to make the hair seem like an even length.



Source: Wikipedia

Potential health issues in Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is a relatively worry free breed when it comes to health.  In the early rush to import Bichon Frise into Australia, a lack of genetic research saw a few undesirable bloodlines and the genetic disorder liver-shunt occasionally showed up in stock from such lines.  Responsible breeders have managed to identified and isolate these problem lines over several decades.


Some of the more common disorders that occur in  ‘toy dogs’, such as Patella Luxation or Hypoglycaemia, can occur, but are not common Bichon Frise.  They can be prone to fungal ear infections if the ears are not properly cleaned and dried after bathing.

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