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The Burmese is a domesticated cat breed that is split into two groups: the American Burmese and the British Burmese.  It is sometimes confused with the Birman.  While many cat registries do not recognize the difference between the two, those that do formally refer to the the British Burmese as the European Burmese.


Burmese cats are well known for being highly intelligent, very friendly with humans and enjoy company.  They are a people-oriented breed and form strong bonds with their owners.  Because of this, Burmese are not as independent as some other breeds and need a reasonable amount of human attention.  They should not be left alone for extended periods of time.  Burmese are also very vocal,  like the Siamese but have softer, sweeter meows.  


The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) breed information on the Burmese implies that all survival instinct of flight or fight seems to have been bred out of them. However, other sources note that, while rarely aggressive with humans, Burmese cats can defend themselves quite well against other cats, even those larger than themselves.


Originally, all Burmese cats were dark brown or sable in colour but are now available in a wide variety of colours including blue.  The coat is glossy, with a satin-like finish and does not need additional grooming.   Burmese are live longer than many other breeds, often reaching 16 to 18 years of age. They are small to medium in size and usually weigh around 4–6 kg.


Burmese have a number of dog-like characteristics, and can be taught to play fetch and tag. The breed is comfortable with dogs and children.  They are suitable as an indoor breed of cat and will usually stay more affectionate if kept indoors. Burmese keep their kitten-like interests and energy throughout their adulthood.


"Blue" cat breeds have become increasingly popular and given the differences - particularly in temperament - see this article for more information if you're interested in the blue burmese - British Shorthair, Russian, Burmese or Korat - Which Blue Cat is that?


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Source: Wikipedia

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Registered Burmese Breeders

Amalea Burmese Cat Breeders, Melbourne, VIC
Welcome to Amalea Burmese, breeding elegant Burmese cats and kittens, located in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria.

Amalea is a small ... read more
Amity Cats - Ragdoll, Siamese, Tonkinese Cat Breeder
Amity Cats is a family based pedigree cat breeder. Our family have a profound appreciation for animal companionship. We are a diverse large family ... read more
ARELLS Burmese Cats
We are passionate breeder of Burmese cats. All our kittens are born and raised in the house environment with lots of care and love, located in rural ... read more
ARSENIOS Siamese and Burmese Breeder, Melbourne
Breeder of Burmese and Siamese kittens for over 30 years. Kittens are raised as part of the family so tend to be on the naughty side. We work to make ... read more
Ashpa Burmese Cattery
We are a small Cattery just starting out. Our aim is to breed the perfect pet - for show or home. All babies are born and reared in our home home, ... read more
ASTROHENNA Cattery - Tonkinese, Orientals,Siamese and Burmese Cat Breeder - Albury/Wodonga
We are a small Cattery located in Albury/Wodonga. Pin pointed in the middle of Melbourne and Sydney makes it a puurrfect location. Transportation can ... read more
Aztec Burmese - Burmese & Tonkinese Breeder - Sunshine Coast, Queensland
Aztec felines is located on the Sunshine Coast about 45 minutes north of Brisbane. We are situated 2km's off the Bruce Highway on a 2 acre block in ... read more
Bahati Cattery - Mandalay and Burmese Cat Breeder - Brisbane, QLD
Bahati Mandalay and Burmese is a small boutique cattery based in Brisbane, Queensland and are registered with Feline Control Council of Queensland ... read more
Bajimbi Cats - Burmese, Oriental, Siamese, Ragdoll Breeder - Sydney, NSW
Bajimbi is one of the longest established catteries in Australia. Bajimbi Cats are well known all over Australia and around the world for having won ... read more
Brampets Burmese - Burmese Breeder - Beaudesert  Queensland
Australia's Brampets Burmese Cats is a small selective registered pedigree breeder of lovely Burmese cats. Home to multiple best in show wining ... read more
Breeder Bray Park - Burmese Cat Breeder - Brisbane, QLD
Breeders of quality Burmese kittens for loving family homes. All our breeding cats have been tested for theBurmese genetic disorder ... read more
Brookside Burmese Cat Breeder - Adelaide, South Australia
I specialise in the colours of red, lilac, chocolate & blue and the torti colour. My passion is the pastel colours.
We have had many great ... read more
Bunratty Cats - Burmese & Mandalay Cat Breeder - Hobart, Tasmania
Boutique breeder of Burmese and Mandalay Cats. read more
Burmese and Bengal Cat Breeder, Gold Coast, QLD
I am a registered breeder of Burmese and Bengal's. My kittens are raised in my house with my family and other animals.
The kittens come vaccinated, ... read more
Burmese and Tonkinese Cat Breeder, Lower Blue Mountains
Keshenalana is a small Cattery situated in the lower Blue Mountains. With 26 years experience we have made it our mission to produce strong, healthy ... read more
Cleveland Cattery - Burmese & Siamese Breeder -
Cleveland Cattery is now situated in Adelaide. We are Breeding Burmese still & have gone back into Siamese. Our Prefix was registered in 1978 ... read more
CopperKee Burmese Cat Breeder - Evandale, TAS

Successful Breeder and shower of burmese for over 15 ... read more
Cupples Burmese Cats
I am a small Breeder have been breeding for 15 years. All my kittens are brought up in my home with lots of cuddles from the family.
My stud is a ... read more
Densue Burmese - Burmese Cat Breeder - Hallett Cove, South Australia.
We run our cattery on a small scale, which enables us to concentrate on quality, type and temperament instead of quantity. Densue has had a very ... read more
Devinepurr Burmese, Coffs Harbour NSW
We are a boutique breeder specialising in beautiful natured and well bred burmese kittens.

Registered with Australian national cats incorporated ... read more
Ducatti Cattery - Burmese Cat Breeders Aust - Central Coast, NSW
I am a small registered Burmese Breeder situated between Hornsby and the Central Coast in NSW. My kittens are raised in my home and are beautiful, ... read more
FOSTERTON Tonkinese ( Burmese /and Siamese )
Registered Breeder of quality Tonkinese ( also Burmese /and Siamese ) in Gippsland, VIC
( Friendly, Playful, Healthy kittens raised in our Home ... ... read more
Jateki - Burmese & Tonkinese Cat Breeder - Queensland
I've lived with cats all my life and loved every minute spent with them. They are a loving and fun companion and are a great comfort in times when ... read more
Jovelles - Burmese and Madalay Cat Breeder - Queensland, Toowoomba
Jovelles is the home of the wonderful Burmese but it hasn’t always been ruled by Burmese. We began breeding Persians more than 30 years ago under ... read more
Kaoru Burmese Cat Breeder - Geelong, Victoria
I am a registered breeder of quality show winning Burmese cats. I have a small cattery and I am a dedicated Burmese cat lover. My furr family are ... read more
Littlebell Cattery - Tonkinese, Burmese, Orientals - Berry, NSW
Welcome to Littlebell Cattery. We are a small cattery in the beautiful town of Berry, NSW and we take pride in our healthy, gorgeous and affectionate ... read more
Mandalei - Burmese Cat Breeders - Adelaide, South Australia
I chose to breed Burmese as I believe these outgoing, affectionate intelligent cats, with their soulful eyes and their knack of wrapping people ... read more
Marishka Burmese, Cessnock, NSW
ANCATS Registered Breeder of Beautiful inquisitive Burmese cats. We are a small boutique cattery in the Hunter Valley NSW.

Breeding beautiful show ... read more
MIABACHI BURMESE  - Burmese breeder
I am a small family run boutique breeder - only producing a few litters a year. My aim is to have happy -heathy- well adjusted young fur babies ... read more
Miamber - Burmese, Burmilla & Mandalay Cat Breeder - Adelaide
Our Burmese, Burmilla and Mandalay kittens are special. They are rare, stunningly beautiful to look at and touch, affectionate and loyal. We show ... read more
Mojinda Cattery - Maine Coon and Burmese Cat Breeder - Schofields, NSW
Hello and welcome to Mojinda cattery. We are a small family cattery located in Schofields.

Our breeds are the Majestic Main Coon and Gorgeous ... read more
Natmac Burmese - Registered Pedigree Burmese Cat Kitten Breeder - Perth, WA Western Australia
Hobby Breeder, Registered Breeders of High Quality Pedigree Burmese Kittens and Cats. We are small boutique hobby breeders of the beautiful Burmese ... read more
Ramaal Burmese - Burmese Cat Breeder - Sydney, NSW
Ramaal Burmese - We are registered breeders with the NSW CFA. Our focus is on breeding happy, healthy and well socialised kitten. Our kittens are ... read more
Stacemoh Burmese Cats
Stacemoh Burmese - Breeder of beautiful purebred Burmese cats. Our kittens are born and raised inside my home to be inside cats only.
They are ... read more
Sussuro Burmese - Burmese Cat Breeder - Central Coast - NSW
Breeder of beautiful Burmese on NSW Central Coast. Kittens are raised in my home with lots of love and care. Particular emphasis is on breeding ... read more
Villanev Pedigree Burmese Breeder Melbourne
VILLANEV - Producing Ambassadors for the Breed. We are a small elite cattery in melbourne Victoria and take pride in our healthy gorgeous and ... read more
Willoli Burmese
Willoli Burmese is a boutique Burmese cattery located in South Brisbane. My name is Ngaire and I have a lifelong love of Burmese cats. I'm following ... read more
Wilmavohnne Burmese & Cairn Terrier Breeder Adelaide, South Australia
We are a small breeder breeding for Quality, Type and Temperament. We breed 1 to 2 litters each year, quality is our aim not quantity. Puppies and ... read more
Zuccala Cattery - Siamese and Burmese Cat Breeder
We are a boutique Cattery who breed and show award winning Siamese and Burmese cats. I’m a registered breeder with FCCV. read more







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