Tearmannair is a small ANKC Registered kennel dedicated to breeding quality German Shepherd Dogs (GSD) in the NSW Riverina, Australia and from time-to-time we may have puppies on offer.

At Tearmannair Kennels we strive for excellence therefore each mating is the culmination of research and consideration in regards to improving ours lines. When we breed our animals consideration is taken in how we can improve form, function and temperament of our breeding lines. Our breeding stock are DNA tested for known issues within the breed, guaranteeing that we NEVER produce pups that are "affected". Our breeding stock are all screened for Elbow & Hip dysplasia. We keep the best prospect of the litter to enrich our lines with the remainder of the puppies offered as pets to suitable homes.

We current have 7M 3F beautiful sable puppies available to go to their new "forever home" on 21/08/2022.
Don't miss out! If you are genuinely interested in a Tearmannair puppy please visit our website for more information.

German Shepherd Puppies - Tearmannair Kennels - German Shepherd Dog Breeder, NSW
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