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A family hobby breeder, our dogs are all part of our family and sleep in the house with us. We believe that GSDs should be a member of the family, and will not sell for export or guard. Our dogs are top quality, good natured animals, and we only breed from dogs that have passed ALL health requirements for the breed. In addition, although it's still optional for breeding, we DNA test all of our breeding stock and also test for Degenerative Myelopathy, and puppies are guaranteed against genetic defects.

We welcome visitors by appointment, and are happy to show off our dogs, and puppies when we have them, to anyone interested.
Our current animals are from some of the soundest bloodlines in Australia, and we're proud to have the best of the Hinterhaus bloodlines as our foundations.

For any information or queries, please contact Steve.

German Shepherd Puppies, Adelaide SA - Gewalt German Shepherd Breeder - Adelaide, SA

Phone: 0431194197
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