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Mokai Mini Schnauzers

"I chose Perfect Pets as it is for registered breeders and I have been able to reach families who are looking for a forever puppy.  I've been very happy with the the families and others that have contacted me looking for an ethical breeder!" Helen Aitken-Kuhnen, Mokai Schnauzers

Bordermojo Border Collies 

"My experience with Perfect Pets has been really positive.  We have received a number of inquiries for litters via the website and the caliber of those inquiring is also high.  I prefer to advertise in a space where the administrators hold similar views to my own around ensuring pups come from reputable, registered breeders.

Perfect Pets only allow registered Australian National Kennel Club (ANKC) breeders list on their site.  Therefore ensuring that pups you purchase from the site are bred by breeders who must adhere to strict ANKC requirements. ANKC breeders have very strict guidelines that protect both our lines, our litters, our pups mothers and the health of our breed..."  BorderMojo Border Collies



Pets in the Park

"Perfect pets has been a wonderful supporter of the Pets in the Park Canberra. Pets in the Park Canberra provides free veterinary care to companion animals of some of Canberra most vulnerable members of the community who are either homeless or at risk of homelessness. Perfect Pets has provided much needed donations of warm dog coats and jackets as part of our Winter Clothing appeal, much needed through the tough Canberra winter..." Gina Rasmussen, Pets in the Park

Lionsbane Rhodesian Ridgbacks

"Our small kennel is proud to be registered with Perfect Pets. This site has the highest standards of ethics and supports informed decisions for those looking to invest in a furry family member. Perfect Pets require breeders to advise of their practices regarding health screening and breeding ethics. This is important to create a better experience for companion animals and their humans! It is wonderful to be able to refer prospective puppy buyers to this site." Lisa Wardlaw-Kelly, Lionsbane Kennels

Pets & Positive Ageing

"We are grateful for the generous support Pets and Positive Ageing Inc has received from Perfect Pets in promoting our mission, advocating on behalf of older people and their pets, and our events. Perfect Pets is a terrific and effective pet-friendly platform reaching an extensive community of pet owners, rescue groups and businesses, with an ethical approach which we applaud..."  Dr. Eloise Bright -President, Pets and Positive Ageing



"Well what do I say !!! I am really speechless.  THANK YOU so much for all the donated pet food you sent out to the “Little Topar Community” with Mal Highet (Visit a Farmer).  You thought of everyone. Dogs, cats, chooks, rabbits Guinea pigs, pet toys.  You have supported 18 families with pet food, and every single family is really so grateful.  Your support really helps us both financially and emotionally.  Thank you so much".  Regards - Kathy Wall - Langidoon Station, Via Broken Hill NSW 2880

Nintu Cattery

"As a well established breeder, I receive many many inquiries, most of which are timewasters. Inquiries that come through Perfectpets ave done their research and know what they want. I love using Perfect Pets because of the high quality of the monitoring of their breeder/advertisers. I feel that by being approved to advertise on Perfectpets I am partaking of their quality assurance, due to the high standards that they set. I never advertise on sites which let just anyone advertise, this is tantamount to condoning backyard breeders. Of pet sites where I have advertised in the past, Perfect Pets is best regulated, the potential buyers genuine, and the site works very well so that inquiries reach me promptly." Truda Straede, Nintu Cattery



Labrador Rescue

"Labrador Rescue have been the recipients of food donations organised by Maria at Perfect Pets. Her thoughtfulness and generosity will allow us to give some of our foster carers some great quality food to provide for their foster dogs. The organisation and ease of pick up of the food is fantastic as Labrador Rescue has only volunteers who are already busy with so many other things associated with rescue so this support and assistance is very much appreciated by our team and our dogs in care!" Wendy, NSW State Coordinator, Labrador Rescue




Native Animal Rescue Group


"Hi there my name is Pixie Garcia and I’m writing a message about what has been happening over the past few months here in my town of Braidwood.

 It has been one of the most trying, desperate, emotional, and devastating times in our town's history.  I am a committee member of, NARG, Native Animal Rescue Group. This is a small group of volunteers based mainly in Braidwood and surrounds. We rescue, treat, and release a very diverse range of native animals and with years of drought, feed has been a major issue. We don’t receive any govt funding and raise money by selling our wombat calendar each year, and we rely on donations also. 

Mid-November 2019 was when our nightmare started. Braidwood was hit by fires that ripped through our farms and forest to catastrophic levels. During this time many people were evacuated including myself. My husband and I run a refuge for all types of rescue animals as part of NARG and personally rescue animals such as dogs, ducks, cats, calves, lambs, chickens, and native animals inc birds and roos and wallabies. We were surrounded by the fires on 3 sides and fires came very close, within 7kms. Due to the number of animals we have, it was a massive task evacuating them all. 

During this time we were contacted by Maria from Perfect Pets. This was an amazing beginning to what was to be a fantastic help for our town and NARG, and our refuge.  Maria organised and coordinated practical donations such as seed, cages, and other equipment such as feeders to help. The cages were put to use straight away as at the time I had 15 rescue birds, not including the ones we were feeding that had been released at our refuge or the ones coming to our refuge escaping the fires. 

The feed was an incredible help and I was able to distribute seed, nests, nesting boxes, feeders etc to farmers and those trying to feed native birds in burnt-out areas, all due to the fantastic organisation of Maria from Perfect Pets, and the kind and generous donation from Pet Barn. This was invaluable during this time, and I wish to thank all those involved from the bottom of our hearts for caring and thinking of us and for the support. I was able to distribute the feed and equipment over quite a good length of time. There are still many areas that can’t recover or will take years to do so. It appears we will still be feeding till roughly October 2020 or longer. 

It is wonderful to think of so many people pulling together for our wildlife and other animals and as it is my passion to look after animals I also thank you all on their behalf.  Many many thanks to Perfect Pets, and Maria - you have been wonderful."  Kind Regards Pixie Garcia - NARG Native Animal Rescue Group


Bangalow Koalas

"Bangalow Koalas is a not-for-profit charity devoted to protecting and saving our koala population in the Northern Rivers of NSW. We are so grateful for all the support and donations received from Perfect Pets over the past year. Without their help and the help of others we would not have achieved what we have in the short time we have been operating..."  Linda Sparrow - President, Bangalow Koalas


Greyhound Rescue

"Perfect Pets have been a huge help to Greyhound Rescue by helping us to secure food for our Kennel Kids. As a charity that relied on donations it has meant a great deal to us!..." Nat Panzarino - President, Greyhound Rescue



Lucky Stars Sanctuary


"The animals at Lucky Stars Sanctuary would like to give a big shout out to Perfect Pets and Petbarn for their incredible donation of food for our rescue animals. All fundraising activities were cancelled due to COVID-19 so assistance with pigeon, chicken, dog and cat food was hugely appreciated. Thankyou!!  This donation ensured that finances could be directed to other animals needs." Kerrie Carrol - Lucky Stars Sanctuary




"Hi Maria - Our family recently received some donated dog food that was distributed to the Little Topar area, I wished to say a heartfelt thank-you to you, your team and "Visit a Farmer" for this kind gesture.  It was most appreciated to have some extra dog food on hand during these difficult times.  The farm working dogs also seemed very appreciative of a change in diet.''  kind regards Terry, Scarsdale and Waterbag stations.





Forgotten Souls Dog Rescue


“As a not for profit rescue, we rely solely on donations of any sort, but of course the most important is food to feed our big, beautiful souls in Foster Care!  We were approached by Perfect Pets and offered a regular food drive which we of course jumped at and have since picked up our first load which was beyond amazing!  It is currently being put to good use in all our Foster homes. We couldn’t be more thankful for the support that they are giving not only us, but the whole rescue community ...” Emma - Forgotten Souls Dog Rescue - Rescued | Re-Homed | Remembered



Cherished Pets Foundation

"I have known the Founder of Perfect Pets, Maria Arnold for over 15 years through our shared activities in the conservation, animal welfare and companion pet spaces. Maria is genuine and walks the talk when it comes to ethical practice. She recognized a very real gap in the companion pet industry and saw a solution in Perfect Pets. Her vision of creating a digital community for ethical pet service providers, whether they be breeders, rescue groups, vets, groomers or other, is bold and ambitious and completely needed. It is not an easy task, and her commitment and attention to detail in ensuring a framework for ethical practice in this space is inspiring. It is a work in progress, and the task enormous, and it deserves as much support as we can collaboratively provide. As a human animal bond veterinarian caring for pets and people, I see the relationship that thrives or dies when pets and people connect. To enable the bond to thrive we need to ensure a correct match; source well bred, well managed, well fed and well cared for pets through ethical channels; and educate humans on pet care, breeding, behavior, management, welfare and sustainability. These are all key factors to creating longer term solutions to dealing with the problems of surplus pets and poor breeding practices that our companion pet industry currently faces. I am excited about the progress of Perfect Pets. I see its true potential to play a pivotal role in reaching, educating and connecting people who are committed to a kind, just and sustainable future for pets and people..." Dr Alicia Kennedy | BSc BVMS Veterinarian & CEO - Cherished Pets Community Veterinary Care Founding Director - Cherished Pets Foundation

Bangalow Koalas

"Bangalow Koalas is a not-for-profit charity devoted to protecting and saving our koala population in the Northern Rivers of NSW. We are so grateful for all the support and donations received from Perfect Pets over the past year. Without their help and the help of others we would not have achieved what we have in the short time we have been operating..."  Linda Sparrow - President, Bangalow Koalas






"As a volunteer for a national charity that operates in ten different locations across Australia, I have had the pleasure of meeting Maria from Perfect Pets. Maria is passionate about animals and is a valuable source of information and knowledge. Her passion for animal welfare is evident in the way that she operates her organisation – her words are very much supported by her actions. She has an incredible network of contacts and happily connects people working for animal-related charities to facilitate and foster relationships that provide a beneficial outcome for all parties – most importantly, the animals..." Paula, Pets in the Park





Wazzat Xoloitcuintle


"I was approached by Maria many years ago to ask about the breed XOLOITZCUINTLE for a breed information piece for Perfect Pets.  It is very important that all breeders embrace the correct information the community are given about Pure Bred Dog breeds. Maria was thorough and in depth with all of her questions and the finished articles. I cannot thank Maria and her team enough for the support of the breed and all the help they have freely given..." Regards Jacqi and the Wazzat Team Wazzat XOLOitzcuintle Australia




Rainbow Paws


"In July 2019, Perfect Pets generously donated over 100kgs of dog food and several bags of kitty litter to The Rainbow Paws Program. It is these types of generous donations from kind hearted organisations that enable us to provide support for the pets of vulnerable people in the Canberra Community. Thank you Perfect Pets for your wonderful donation!" Natasha, Rainbow Paws