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The Chihuahua (Spanish: chihuahueño) is the smallest breed of dog and is named for the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. Chihuahuas come in a wide variety of sizes, head shapes, colors, and coat lengths.


There are two main varieties recognized by kennel clubs, the short-haired and the long-haired. There is a second varietal split as well, having to do with the shape and size of the dog's head. These two descriptive classifications are "apple head" and "deer head", but only the apple head is conformationally correct.


The temperament of its human guardian can make a huge difference in the temperament of a Chihuahua pup. Tempered Chihuahuas can be easily provoked to attack, and are therefore generally unsuitable for homes with small children. The breed tends to be fiercely loyal to one particular guardian and in some cases may become over protective of the person, especially around other people or animals.


If properly managed by older children, 13 and up, they can adapt to this kind of living with a dedicated guardian. They do not always get along with other breeds, and tend to have a "clannish" nature, often preferring the companionship of other Chihuahuas or Chihuahua mixes over other dogs. These traits generally make them unsuitable for households with children that are not patient and calm. Chihuahuas love their dens and will often burrow themselves in pillows, clothes hampers, and blankets. They are often found under the covers or at the bottom of the bed, deep in the dark and safety of what they believe is their den.


Source: Wikipedia

Chihuahua FAQs 


1. Why do Chihuahuas shiver?

Chihuahuas have a high metabolism and they can shake a lot when they get nervous or excited. This also makes it hard for them to regulate their temperature, which means your little one can be cold even if you're not. Shaking can also be a sign of a illness, so make sure to look out for any other signs that may indicate a health issue.

2. Are Chihuahuas aggressive?

Chihuahua’s can be very aggressive and protective for such a small dog but in reality, no more than any other breed. Owners tend to ignore aggression because of their size and how it can seem ‘cute’. Chihuahuas need the same social rules and training as every other dog as aggressive behaviour, particularly towards bigger dogs, can end badly.

3. Do Chihuahuas bark a lot?

If your Chihuahua is barking constantly, it may be because of built-up energy and boredom. Despite their size, chihuahuas still need plenty of exercise and stimulation.

4. Do Chihuahuas require a special diet?

No, but because of their small teeth and jaw, it’s important to get food that will suit their needs.  Be sure to get advice from your breeder or vet about the right food for your chihuahua.

5. Are Chihuahuas sociable dogs?

Most of the time, no. They can be socialised and learn to like other animals but will mostly prefer their owner or other chihuahuas. This may be because of their small size, and generally feeling more comfortable.

6. Where are Chihuahuas from?

Chihuahuas originated in Mexico and are named after the Mexican state ‘Chihuahuas’. There are also theories that the Chihuahua is a descendant of the ancient Techichi dogs of the Toltecs. The Chihuahuas appearance is similar to the Techichi but they are smaller in size.

Chihuahua Fun Facts

1. In 2013 the Guinness World Record's confirmed that Milly - the Chihuahua from Puerto Rico - was the world's smallest dog, measuring in at only 9.65cm (3.8 in) tall to the shoulder. 
2. Chihuahua’s can come in many different colour variations and have the largest colour combinations of any dog breed. 
3. Like human babies, Chihuahua’s have a soft spot on their head called Molera. It usually closes up as they grow into adulthood, but not always.   80% to 90% of all Chihuahuas are born with this soft spot and it was once considered an indication of purity in the breed.
4. Midget was the first Chihuahua to be registered with the AKC in 1904. Midget’s owner was H. Raynor from El Paso, Texas.
5. A feral pack of Chihuahua’s terrorized an Arizona town in 2014. The pack of feral Chihuahua’s and sometimes bigger dogs would go around the town chasing people and defecate everywhere.

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