How we help

Perfect Pets is led by a mission to run a successful business ethically, while also giving back. We do this in three main ways:


1. We support ethical breeders and responsible pet ownership

The Perfect Pets website is a free platform that provides pet lovers with the information and support services they need to care for their pets. We believe in the power of educating pet lovers and connecting them with ethical breeders and pet-related businesses. Our services are playing a pivotal role in creating a better future for pets and people, where animal welfare is the highest priority.


2. We donate 50% of our annual profits

We are a contribution based, profit for purpose enterprise. This means we believe in running an ethical business as well as giving back. 50% of our annual profits go to helping support animal welfare initiatives, rescue groups, and wildlife conservation. On top of this, we run paid social media campaigns that have reached 1.8 million people to help these groups promote their message to the world.  Scroll down to see what these groups say.


3. We help run a food donation program

Perfect Pets is proud to partner with The Petbarn Foundation, which was established in 2012 to enrich the lives of pets, animals and the people who love and need them. Together, we are assisting with the monthly distribution of pet food and supplies to rescues and shelters in need. By reducing, and in some cases eliminating, the cost of feeding at-risk pets, shelters can direct their resources to other necessities like vet care and rescue efforts. 



This program is made possible thanks to:

Petbarn Foundation




Who we help

We are proud to be helping a number of deserving groups and programs that care for and protect vulnerable, sick, and threatened animals.  These are just some of the groups and programs we've supported and donated to. 


Bangalow Koalas
Greyhound Rescue
Labrador Rescue
Rainbow Paws


Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue
Golden Oldies Animal Rescue
Jamels Equine Rehabilitation & Horse Rescue
Pets in the Park



No Meat May
Rainforest Trust
Forgotten Souls Dog Rescue
Rainforest Rescue





What people are saying about Perfect Pets


"Perfect Pets have been a huge help to Greyhound Rescue by helping us to secure food for our Kennel Kids. As a charity that relied on donations it has meant a great deal to us!..."  

Nat Panzarino, President - Greyhound Rescue


"Bangalow Koalas is a not-for-profit charity devoted to protecting and saving our koala population in the Northern Rivers of NSW. We are grateful for all the support and donations received from Perfect Pets over the past year.  Without their help and the help of others we would not have achieved what we have in the short time we have been operating..."  

Linda Sparrow, President - Bangalow Koalas


''Perfect pets has been a wonderful supporter of the Pets in the Park Canberra. Pets in the Park provides free veterinary care to companion animals of some of our most vulnerable members of the community who are either homeless or at risk of homelessness. Perfect Pets has provided much needed donations of warm dog coats and jackets as part of our Winter Clothing appeal..."  

Gina Rasmussen - Pets in the Park.


Maria, founder and CEO of Perfect Pets, is genuine and walks the talk when it comes to ethical practice. She recognized a very real gap in the companion pet industry and saw a solution in Perfect Pets. Her vision of creating a digital community for ethical pet service providers, whether they be breeders, rescue groups, vets, groomers or other, is bold and ambitious and completely needed...” 

Alicia Kennedy, Veterinarian & CEO - Cherished Pets Community Veterinary Care, Founding Director - Cherished Pets Foundation



To find out more about how we're making a difference visit our Testimonials page...



Want to get involved with Perfect Pets?

We’re always looking for people that share our vision for animal welfare. If your organisation, group or shelter could benefit from our support, or if you'd like to help and be part of one of our initiatives, please contact us.