We founded the breed with the first Azawakh imported to Australia in 2009 and had the breed officially recognised with the ANKC in 2012. We are a small kennel breeding only when we want another dog to continue with. We aim to breed quality, healthy, and sound Azawakh that conform to the breed standard.

We try very hard to match our puppies to their new owners. We offer lifetime guidance and support to our puppy people and consider you as a part of our small family.

Our dogs live with us (Azawakh are not suited to kennel life or being left out in the elements) they are a pack animal and like to be around their people and be included in daily living.

Azawakh are a primitive guardian breed from Northern Africa - Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso. They are the dog of the nomadic Tuareg tribes and are used to guard the camps and livestock and also for hunting. They can be very aloof with strangers even untouchable but love those they trust with their all, they also take their breeds purpose very seriously (of course there are some exceptions).

Azawakh are definitely NOT suited to everyone, they require firm but fair pack leaders and an abundance of socialising with all things outside of the home.

Azawakh Puppies - JUMADABEY AZAWAKH - Azawakh Breeder - Lara, VIC
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