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My aim as a breeder is to breed happy, healthy Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers, whether they are to be a cuddly family pet, champion show dog or a blue ribbon winner in dog sports (or even all of the above).

I believe that my Wheatens are bred to a high standard and will give you and your family a lifetime of happiness with your furry friend. My Wheatens are best suited for families who will love and cherish them, considering their Wheaten to be an important family member.

Puppies are very well socialized and introduced to many every day activities such as grooming, car rides, children and other dogs.

Each Wheaten is health tested by qualified veterinarians and possess an outgoing, fun loving temperament.

With 5 current SCWTs actively competing in shows they also enjoy participating in competitive and recreational dog sports such as Agility, Obedience & Lure Coursing.

They have also been companion/therapy dogs for the sick and elderly, tv stars, performed on stage at pet expos, photo models for advertising and most of all, loving family pets.

Thanks to the support of Larnook Kennels for my foundation dogs Nellie & Ciara.

As I believe in ensuring new Wheaten owners are well-prepared when they collect their puppy, each owner receives a 'puppy pack' full of info & goodies to help them get started.

Inquiries welcome, check out our facebook page for more photos/info.

Shaneca Soft Coated Wheatens
Contact: Sarah Lowe
ANKC/Dogs Vic Registered Breeder of Show & Performance Dogs.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Puppies, Melbourne VIC - Shaneca Soft Coated Wheatens

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