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The Australian Koolie or Coolie is a working dog which has existed in Australia since the early 19th century when it was bred from imported British working dogs. There is substantial variation in the Koolie population and the Koolie Club of Australia defines the breed based on its ability to work rather than on its conformation. Most Koolie breeders refer to the Koolie as a breed rather than as a type, and assert that it "breeds true", with various types or strains.

Koolies are bred to meet the needs of the stockman, grazier and farmer, all agile, all with the same ability to adapt to any situation, all with a strong willingness drive. They are used for "heading" sheep and also for quiet careful work at close quarters at lambing time or for "shedding" (cutting out) sheep. The optimal worker possesses a combination of working skills and bonding temperament.

There are times when an uninitiated dog owner or a new enthusiast mistakes the Koolie as a shy, reserved or even a timid animal. The Koolie's temperament needs to be understood in proper context when one seeks an optimal match of skills and demeanour. Koolies are intelligent animals, and the most experienced handlers know well that they need guidance in training. A steady and supportive approach will be productive, proving the Koolie's adaptability in diverse situations when given time.

Owners will be rewarded through the Koolie's diligence in varied roles such as in work situations, sporting activities, loyal service or the time honoured role of companionship. Known to be patient, temperate, dedicated, with a strong sense of willingness and devotion; the Koolie is not naturally aggressive but can demonstrate dominance. They show an untiring enthusiasm for work and an admirable hardiness when the job or circumstance requires.

The median longevity of Koolies is about 18 years.  Koolies have a diverse gene pool and so do not suffer from the many genetic problems found in recognised breeds - except for the merle for which the Koolie is most recognised which can and does produce white blind and or deaf pups. It is highly recommended that when considering breeding, that matings of merle to solid are the safest option.

Photo - Pete, a short coat tri-merled Koolie Silhouette Pete, owned and photographed by R&A Worboys Australia

Source: Wikipedia

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