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The Cheetoh cat has a super affectionate nature and real love for their human companions; they are intelligent with the ability to learn quickly. Their amazing coat pattern consists of lots of spots and a few stripes for good measure, replicating the look of their wild counterparts. They hold the distinctive characteristics of both their founding breeds, the Ocicat and Bengal; however, the head is slightly chiselled and the ears are more prominent than the Bengal. They walk with a lower front stance and higher at the back, a generous sized cat with males being more muscular with thick necks and solid bodies and can be up to 7kg fully grown. The female has a slightly smaller frame but is still a good size when compared to the average moggy.

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The Cheetoh was first researched and developed in the United States of America in 2001 with the first litter of cubs arriving in 2003. Other qualified breeders throughout the USA were invited to participate in the Cheetoh breeding program.  The Cheetoh became a recognised registered breed with the United Feline Organization in November of 2004.


It is still a very rare breed in Australia, there are currently only three breeders in the country who are all working together to ensure the future of this breed remains strong. In Australia, the Cheetoh cat is a pedigree registered breed with Australian National Cats (ANCATS).


Ideal Owner for the Cheetoh Cat

Cheetohs are a wonderful breed for people who like an exotic looking cat but may be first-time cat owners. They are quite active and love to play and be around the family but are also very happy to curl up on your lap and nap on the couch all day.


Cheetohs do have a high prey instinct so smaller family pets such as birds, rabbits and guinea pigs need to be protected. They adapt well to busy households with cat-friendly dogs and larger animals but as with all pets, introductions need to be taken slowly and in a controlled manner.


Due to their high prey drive it is highly advised against allowing your Cheetoh outside, without supervised restraint or without an enclosed outdoor area, as they are likely to roam and do themselves and the local wildlife a lot of damage!


Space and Exercise for the Cheetoh Cat

Cheetohs are very active, intelligent and playful. It is best to keep your Cheetoh entertained with enriching puzzle games that keep their minds occupied as well as providing lots of human attention.


Cheetohs also love to climb! If you don’t provide them with places to do so, they will create their own. A favourite game amongst Cheetohs is chasey which will involve the whole house and multiple levels as the ‘game-zone’.  They also love to play fetch and will wear their owners out before they get bored of the game.



Potential Health Issues for the Cheetoh Cat 

It is important to always do your research when buying any pet. You should enquire about the general health and DNA testing history of the parents of the kitten you are buying.


As with all animals, there are potential genetic problems in their ancestry that can sometimes also appear in the Cheetoh. However, as this is a very new breed with very careful and select breeding programs there have been no genetic health problems arise in the Cheetohs thus far.

Cheetoh Cat F.A.Q.s


Are Cheetoh cats good for families?

Cheetoh cats are very intelligent and active. They are best suited to anyone who is willing to give them ample love and attention.


Do Cheetoh cats have any health issues?

Cheetoh cats are an extremely healthy breed with no known health issues.


What age do Cheetoh cats live to?

The life expectancy is the same as most other domestic cat breeds 12 to 16 years.


How much do Cheetoh cats cost?

The price range for a pet Cheetoh is from $1,500 to $4,500 for a registered show cat.


How big do Cheetohs get?

Cheetoh cats make up a lot of their weight in their muscular builds. Males weigh on average between 4.5-7.0kg and females 3.5-5.5kg


What colour do Cheetoh cats come in?

Cheetohs have six base colours, more detail can be found in the ANCATS Cheetoh breed standard. However, basically they can be black spotted brown, spotted silver, spotted snow, spotted chocolate, brown/black marble or snow marble.


Do Cheetoh cats need lots of brushing?

Cheetohs have a smooth, sleek pelt coat with is very low maintenance. They will shed about twice per year.  Although they do not need regular grooming, it does help if you start brushing your kitten from an early age as brushing will help speed up seasonal coat changes.


How are Cheetoh’s different from other cats?

The Cheetoh incorporates the distinctive spotted coat characteristics from the breed of both the Ocicat and the Bengal breeds.  The goal of the Cheetoh breeding program was to create a very intelligent cat that is larger, with an extraordinary wild look without adding more wild blood.......but most importantly, an extremely social, docile and gentle natured lap cat that is safe for all family members.           


Are Cheetoh’s safe around children?

While the Cheetoh has a fierce and wild appearance, it is an incredibly social and loving cat, never aloof or showing any tendencies towards aggressive or standoffish behavior. The males exhibit definite maternal characteristics towards kittens and younger cats, never being hostile or antagonistic, a mannerism exclusive to the Ocicat and very rarely seen in other feline breeds. The gentle and mild-mannered temperament is a dependable character trait of the Cheetoh and is safe around children as any other properly care for domestic cat. 


References: special thanks to Lauren Hill - Leopardus - for this breed information and photos, to Tracie Kearns for photos and advice - Jasmarezcatz, and also The International Cheetoh Breeders Association


Check our listings for Kittens for sale here or the links to our breeders below to go to their profile page.  You can also click here to search for Registered Cheetoh Breeders by location.  


Check our listings for Kittens for sale here and click on the links to our breeders below to go to their profile page.  You can also click here to search for Registered Cheetoh Breeders by location.  


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