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The Australian Tiffanies breed was developed in Australia in the 1999 from the Burmilla Breeding program. Enthusiasts decided to develop this breed separately from the Burmilla longhair by breeding back to the Chinchilla Persian.   


Australian Tiffanies have beautiful dark lined green eyes, the coat is soft, silky and semi long with a generously plumed tail. The coat requires low to medium care with a brush and comb through which is needed twice a week to keep it in glorious condition. 

Australian Tiffanies are a medium sized cat and come in Silver with Black, Blue, Brown, Chocolate, Lilac and the rare Caramel. The colour can be tipped, shaded or smoke which refers to the amount of colour on the hair shaft. 


The Australian Tiffanie temperament is cheeky, inquisitive, loving, friendly, sociable and well behaved. They do well with apartment living and solitary life but also enjoy the companionship of other animals and their owner, and makes a great family cat. 


Breed description courtesy of Mojinda Cattery.


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