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The Exotic rbeed of cat was developed as a  Shorthair version of the persian.  It is similar in many ways with its expressive, bold eyes, short nose and small wide set ears.  Exotics have a big head and a compact body.

Exotics come in all the many colours of the persian with appropiately matched  eye colour.   They are very popular as they do not require the daily grooming of a persian.  They are sometimes referred to as "the lazy man's persian".


The Exotic Shorthair personality is extremely friendly. They are playful, curious, and very affectionate. However, like many a cat, they value their independence and alone time too.


Thankyou to Betty Stephens of Skybank Cattery for breed advice and lovely photos of Skybank Miss Me First - Group 1 Kitten of year 2017, and Gd Ch Sybarit Xavier (main photo - tabby). 



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