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The Siberian is a domestic cat breed that has been present in Russia for centuries.  Siberians are large and strong and can take up to five years to mature.  They are noted for being very agile and can leap great distances. They are strong, muscular and have large and powerful rounded paws. The compact rounded belly develops with age.  Overall they are a cat of great strength and size with an excellent physical tone.  Siberians give an impression of roundness, rather than angular as in some of the other breeds. The facial expression is alert but sweet.

The coat is the Siberians crowning glory.  They have a moderate to long haired coat with the fur on the lower chest and shoulder blades being slightly shorter. There should be an abundant ruff around the neck setting off the large impressive head. There is a tight undercoat, which becomes thicker in colder weather. The coat gives the impression of lacquer and oil when ungroomed. The fur on the belly and legs may thicken and curl, but this is not  feature of the breed. The skin may also appear to have a bluish cast. Clear strong colours and patterns are desirable but are secondary to type.  Colour varieties of the Siberian vary and all colours are genetically possible, such as tabby, solid colours tortoiseshell colours silvers and whites.


Siberian Cats Have Personality Plus!

Siberians have a very dog like temperament and are known to be very affectionate.   They are not at all shy and will come out to meet visitors to the house.  They also have a triple purr and unlike other breeds have a chirping sound that they use when they come to greet you.  Siberians are very intelligent and very quick learners.  They are interested in water and may drop toys in water left in sinks to play. The Siberian makes the ideal lap cat and will live quite happily indoors with you.


The History of the Siberian Cat

The history of Siberians has been controversial.   There has always been cats in Russian homes and strays in the streets, but they had only really been thought of as mouse catchers. Before 1917 there are isolated facts testifying cats being thought of as a breeding animal.  Large fluffy cats had been called “Siberian” not because they came from Siberia, but because their appearance was associated with the cold and severe climate there. In the cold humid and windy climate of St Petersburg, a large sturdy cat with a waterproof coat and dense undercoat had a better chance of surviving the climate, which is why so many of the cats of this phenotype were seen amongst the strays.

Between 1988 and 1990 the new breed attracted attention in other countries. Judges from the USA visiting shows in St Petersburg developed an interest in the Siberian and quite a lot of first and second generation Siberians were exported. This was the beginning of the acceptance of this breed and the basis of all of the Siberians that were bred in  the USA.

Photos and breed information courtesy of  Miakoschka Siberian Cats Many thanks for these gorgeous pics.

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