Welcome to Jemville Burmese and Jemville Bombay cats and kittens. Home to beautiful mums, dads and babes of the Burmese and Bombay cat world. Even though most of our Burmese and Bombay are from show stock, our Cattery's main aim is to produce kittens of sound temperament and type, to be totally suitable as adorable pets.

Our cats live in a small cattery with sunshine and fresh air, and protection from the elements. It is a subtropical and pleasant environment for our babies. All of our cats, the dads, the mums and their babies, enjoy indoor/outdoor runs where the babies can develop their social skills and explore the "big wide world".

All of my kittens are guaranteed to be free of hypokalemia. All of my breeding stock, mums and dads, have been tested at the university of California, Davis, USA. Any new breeding stock brought in for outcrossing, will be born free of this disease, or will have been tested for hypokalemia, and certified free.

Jenny was Secretary of of the Burmese Cat Society of Queensland for many years and thoroughly enjoyed the involvement of organizing the many annual shows.

With regard to the true Burmese, Jemville Cattery is a member of the Worldwide "Purebred Burmese Cat Alliance", based in Europe, a body dedicated to breed and maintain Burmese in their original 10 colours, with no variations or crossbreeding that would lead to, and include. the silver and cinnamon colours being proposed by some. I, and many burmese breeders true to the breed, continue to be vigilant in making sure these crossbreeding genes are not introduced into this beautiful breed in Australia, just for the sake of introducing a variety of 'other' colours.

If you need more information regarding the Bombay, which is quite rare here in Australia, please Google The Cat Fanciers Association of America, @ . Go to "Breeds", and select "Bombay. This site has the best and most informative information regarding the beautiful Bombays. This is, of course, where the breed originated.

Registered Breeder No. 419, with the Queensland Feline Association (QFA Inc.) QFA is affiliated with the Australian Cat Federation (ACF Inc.).

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