Scottish Longhair Cats & Scottish Longhair Cat Breeders

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Registered Scottish Longhair Breeders

Amaranth Scottish Folds
We are boutique breeders of Scottish Folds, both long and shorthair. We breed ... read more
Circle K Scottish Folds - Scottish Fold, Scottish Shorthair & Longhair Breeder - NSW
Breeders of Scottish Folds, Shorthairs and Longhairs for over 20 years. ... read more
Emzdollz Ragdoll and Scottish Fold Breeder - Brisbane, QLD
Registered breeder with QICC ( Queensland independent cat council) of Ragdolls, ... read more
Hightop Park British Shorthair Breeder -  Tamworth NSW
Est 1998. Breeder of blues, bi-colours, tri-colours (calico) and lilac's. We ... read more
Jessicaz - Scottish Folds & British Shorthairs Cat Breeder - Shepparton, Victoria
We have been breeding our beautiful Scottish Folds and Shorthairs for 18 years ... read more


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