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Lykoi cats are one of the newest recognised cat breeds, characterised by their wolflike face and sparse coat pattern.  They are an intelligent, loyal, and healthy breed, that requires no special care other than what's normally required for a domestic cat.  Although, like sphynx cats, due to sensitive skin, exposure to the elements outdoors is not recommended.  Lykoi are an indoor cat only.


The temperament is no different to that of a average domestic cat , although known to demand attention, making Lykoi's a great choice for families. 


The breed Lykoi (named from the Greek word meaning wolf) is derived from a naturally occurring mutation causing the unusual hair pattern, lack of undercoat, and masked face.  The mask gives the Lykoi their wolf-like appearance. Lykoi can be almost completely hairless to fully coated during coat changes.   Born with a full hair coat, as Lykoi kittens age their undercoat sheds and they are left with a sparse top coat of bristly, rough-looking  hair which in reality is very soft to the touch.  


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Lyoki Cat - Naked Beauty and  Artnudeveau Lyoki's

The original Lykoi mutants were found by Patty Thomas in the USA in an animal shelter in 2010, Patty also gave the breed their name. Another small unrelated group later joined the team and a collaboration was formed between Patty , John and Brittney Gobble. 


Testing followed to develop and establishing the breed. Tests proved the breed to be healthy as it did not carry any other mutated genes pertaining to hairlessness or other genes that are found in the sphynx or Devon Rex.

Various colours from white to torti's are now accepted in many countries but in the UK and Australia the only allowable colour is the original black roan. Roan is a type of hair pattern where some of the hairs are white (or a melanistic) and the rest are pigmented.   Allowable out cross to black domestic cats is only permissible to widen this very small gene pool, and under strict development programs that have been permitted in some existing catteries. 



From time to time breeders will offer kittens from this this outcross (black domestic x Lykoi).  They are stunning glossy black cats, with the same fabulous Lykoi temperament. 


Special thanks to Naked Beauty and Artnudeveau Lykoi cats for these great Lykoi photos and contributing to this breed information.

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Lykoi cat breeder - Artnudeveau
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Lykoi cats are a naturally occurring mutation, from the ... read more
Naked Beauty Sphynx And Lykoi Cat Breeder
Ethical registered breeder of healthy happy Sphynx and Lykoi cats. Located in northern Tasmania. Can organise kitten transport throughout ... read more


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