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Glenparth Bengals is based in the picturesque Rubicon Valley, nestled between the villages of Thornton and Taggerty in country Victoria, 120km north-east of Melbourne.

Focusing upon cats of the highest quality, the property is home to half a dozen gorgeous Queens and three handsome Studs, combining to create exquisite progeny with that wild WOW factor! Coated in glitter and high contrast markings, Glenparth's incorrigible kittens boast clear rosettes or striking marble patterns in Brown, Silver or Snow.

I aim to breed true to type, with rounded ears, puffy whisker pads and bright white tummies.

Bengal Kittens, Thornton VIC - Glenparth Bengals - Bengal Cat Breeder - Taggerty, Victoria

Phone: 0499 991 752
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