Things to know before adding a Bengal kitten to your family. Bengal kittens are not your regular kitty. They are very intelligent and can learn simple tricks easily. Such as rolling over, walking on a harness even to open doors.

My eldest female, has learnt to jump up and pull the door handle down letting every one free to roam the house while i'm away. She has even taught the younger cats how to do it. Bengals also love to play with water, it can be the kitchen sink, a bowl put down for them to drink or just rain at the widow. Sometimes they will even try to enter the shower with you.

They are very intelligent and, just like a dog will literally come to the door to greet you. Bengal kittens are very curious and will entertain themselves for hours on end with the smallest toy they can find. They love to go to highest place in the house that they can find. They are very affectionate and will often come to lay with you while watching TV, however they do not like to be picked up or cuddles as this restricts them, and restriction is a big no no for Bengal Kittens.

The best place to enquire about litter availability is through the Facebook page Bengal cat's Victoria.

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