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We breed Cheetoh Kittens ... They have the look of the Wild yet are friendly and loving. I breed a variety of colours and our kittens are born and brought up in my home as part of our loving family.

Our Stud Cheetoh is "Geronimo's Warrior" and has been brought out to Australia from the United States. He is a magnificent boy .. and is Golden spotted. Our Queen Cheetohs are the beautiful FireStorm - chocolate spotted .... Heartfelt Hannah - black marble .... and last but no means least ... Silver Shadow ... she is also from the United States and is a Silver spotted.

If you are wanting an "Ordinary Moggie" ... then the Cheetoh is not for you ... Cheetohs are extremely intelligent and love being around their human family members ... they also get along well with my 2 dogs. They can "fetch", love water and love to play with any family member that is available at the time. I do not adopt my kittens out to just anyone ... you have to prove to me that you will be a responsible, loving and caring Parent ... Our kittens are very special to us and we only want them to go to loving homes.

Cheetoh Kittens, Mandurah WA - Wildfire Cheetohs - Cheetoh Breeder, Mandurah, Western Australia

Phone: 0419891676
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