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The Hokkaido is a breed of dog, and other names for the breed include Ainu-ken, Seta, Ainu dog. In Japan, its name is sometimes shortened to Doken. The Hokkaido is native to the prefecture of the same name in Japan. The breed is known for fidelity to its owner, bravery, and the ability to withstand the cold, among other traits. It has an innate sense of direction and can therefore return to its master no matter how great the distance. This breed has the unusual capability of fighting against the Hokkaido Brown Bear, or Higuma to protect its master. The way in which the Ainu Dog accomplishes this is to attack the bear's back, then bite and hold the dorsal flesh of the bear's neck until the bear retreats. Despite its long history as a working breed, the Ainu Dog ideally combines the roles of family pet and hunter. This breed should not be allowed to run free around other animals. They are good with children if they are raised with them as pups. This dog is not recommended for apartment life. It is moderately active indoors and will do best with a large yard.

The Hokkaido is thought to have its roots in the Matagi-ken hunting dog, Bear hunting dog or the Deer hunting dog) a breed brought by the Ainu people from the Tohoku region in the Jomon period. The later Yayoi people brought a different breed to the Tohoku, but the isolation of Hokkaido led to its line of Jomon dog having the least influence from the Yayoi.

Source: Wikipedia

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