Real Meat Without Harming Animals - Great for Public Health, Protecting the Environment, and Stopping the Cruelty


SuperMeat is is a new startup that is revolutionizing the meat industry by introducing the biggest change to the way people produce food since the  Industrial Age.

Together with top researchers and scientists, SuperMeat is developing cultured meat to replace the meat consumed on a daily basis worldwide. Cultured meat is REAL meat.  It is not genetically modified, and is produced without antibiotics.


Super Meat - Real meat without harming animals



Supermeat tastes exactly the same as regular meat but is:


*Healthier - Due to supervised production.

*Environmentally friendly - requires 99% less land, 90% less water, emits 90% less greenhouse gases.

*Will be cheaper than regular meat.

*Ethical - no animals are hurt in the process.





What is cultured meat?

Cultured meat is made from animal cells, without the use of the animals themselves.  Producing cultured meat involves incubating stem cells in a media that is rich in nutrients which help the cells thrive and divide. Additional technological aids facilitate the creation of muscle and fat tissues which combined produces a cultured meat just like the meat we are familiar with. Biologically it is the same as the meat that comes from animals. The Supermeat product is completely non GMO and has no animal products aside from the original cells.


What does cultured meat taste like?

Apart from the way that it's produced, Supermeat is exactly the same as regular meat so it tastes the same. It contains the same tissues (muscle and fat) as the farmed meat  we are accustomed to and will be biologically identical.


When and where can you buy Supermeat?

Supermeat is not available for purchase just yet.  The journey from where the product is now to  to your supermarket shelf is not far off but the Supermeat team is looking for support.  The product is expected to be cheaper than current meat products.  This, together with the fact that it has health, environmental and cruelty free benefits makes it an extraordinary step forward and is expected to take the world by storm. 


The Supermeat team need your help to make history

Their Indegogo campaign has reached 100K but still needs support to get to their 500k goal.  Visit their website - to find out more, and if you'd like to support their efforts to create a healthier, kinder world you can make a donation on their Indegogo page.  Every little bit helps and backers will receive vouchers in the mail for SuperMeat products, redeemable as soon as the producst are available.