New Laws for Selling and Rehoming Pets

Beginning on 1 July 2019, advertisements for the sale or transfer of ownership of cats and dogs in Victoria and New South Wales must include source and identification numbers. The laws are intended to "allow better traceability of cats and dogs, promote responsible pet ownership and enable more effective enforcement action to be taken against people who break the law".   The identification numbers required in each state are:


Victoria: A microchip number, and a registration or source number from the Pet Exchange Register.  

New South Wales: Either a microchip number, or a rehoming organisation number, or a breeder identification number from the NSW Pet Registry.  


In both states, if cats and dogs are advertised for sale or rehoming without the appropriate identification numbers penalties (up to $1850 in Victoria) may apply.


The Pet Exchange Register - Victoria

Under the new laws in Victoria, any person, business, or breeder who is advertising to sell or rehome a dog or a cat needs to be enrolled on the Pet Exchange Register.  A source number, generated by the Register, must be displayed with any advertisement, along with the animal's microchip number.     


Registering for a source number

If you are a registered domestic animal business (DAB) or enrolled with your local council as a volunteer foster carer, there is no need to register as a source number will have been provided before 1 July 2019.


For any one else advertising dogs, cats, puppies or kittens for sale or rehoming in Victoria from 1 July 2019, registration for a source number is required - Enrol here


For more information see the  PER FAQ's, Do I need a source number, and for any questions or clarification email the PER.


The NSW Pet Registry

The NSW Pet Registry is the official NSW database for microchipped and registered cats and dogs.  Dog and cat owners can easily create an online profile to help ensure they are reunited with their pet if it becomes lost. 


The Registry allows you to update your contact details, report your pet missing, change the ownership of pets, and pay the lifetime registration fee. For general information see the NSW Pet Registry FAQ's.

Breeder Identification Number:

Breeder Identification Numbers are free and available to cat and dog breeders online through the Pet Registry.  If a breeder is a member of a recognised association, such as Dogs NSW,  the registration number can be used in place of a Breeder Identification Number when advertising. The number will also be searchable in the NSW Pet Registry.  Breeders seeking clarification should visit the NSW Pet Registry, contact their local council, or the NSW Pet Registry technical assistance line on 1300 134 460.   


Finding a reputable Breeder

For tips on how to ensure you are dealing with a caring and responsible breeder see our guidelines here

If you need to report a concern or complaint - find Australia Wide contacts here 


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