Truda Straede, creator of Australia's only home grown pedigree breed,the smooth and purry Australian Mist with a 'cat breeder's hobby' in the large and hairy, Maine Coon. Breeder for more than 35 years, author and Editor of many books on Australian Mist, and Editor of a much loved breeder's manual "Breeding Cats.... a practical guide" based on all that ( inevitable!!) experience.

For every litter I have bred since 1979, I have kept a litter card, recording: Sire & Dam: Name, Registration No, Colour, pattern, breed; any known genetic details: Mating & Birth Date: Number, Colour and Sex of each kitten: Notes on each kitten including birth order, weight, deaths, deformities, causes of death, illnesses, treatments. I now share some interesting observations and summaries which you can see on my website.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not advertise on other platforms - only here on Perfect Pets. If you see advertisements elsewhere using my photos, description, registered prefix, or breeder registration number, you are probably looking at potential imposters and scammers. If you have seen anything like this please contact me via Perfect Pets.

Australian Mist, Maine Coon Kittens - Nintu Cattery & Icecoons - Australian Mist Breeder & Maine Coon Cat Breeder - Victoria.
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