Truda Straede, creator of Australia's only home grown pedigree breed,the smooth and purry Australian Mist with a 'cat breeder's hobby' in the large and hairy, Maine Coon. Breeder for more than 35 years, author and Editor of many books on Australian Mist, and Editor of a much loved breeder's manual "Breeding Cats.... a practical guide" based on all that ( inevitable!!) experience.

For every litter I have bred since 1979, I have kept a litter card, recording: Sire & Dam: Name, Registration No, Colour, pattern, breed; any known genetic details: Mating & Birth Date: Number, Colour and Sex of each kitten: Notes on each kitten including birth order, weight, deaths, deformities, causes of death, illnesses, treatments. I now share some interesting observations and summaries which you can see on my website.

Australian Mist, Maine Coon Kittens - Nintu Cattery & Icecoons - Australian Mist Breeder & Maine Coon Cat Breeder - Victoria.
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