And the Winner is... Pets In The Park!


Thank you for all of the input from our Perfect Pets family - while we agree that all shelters are deserving of assistance and donations, we saw a lot of support for Pets In The Park. We are very happy to tell you that the dogs of those experiencing homelessness will be warmer this winter.   Biggest thanks to Lulu Florez for the generosity, time and love that went into knitting the jumpers and jackets that will be distributed via Pets in the Park clinics in a number of locations over the next few weeks.


Pets in the Park do an incredible job providing assistance to Australians experiencing homelessness and their animal companions, who provide invaluable emotional support, but can be costly to take care of. 


A huge and very appreciative shoutout to Petbarn who reached out to us with an interest in donating some of their own dog coats as well. As a result, several centres across 3 states will be receiving much needed donations.


We are excited to announce that we will be partnering with Petbarn and providing ongoing assistance,  distributing food and product donations from Petbarn to shelters in need around Australia.  More on this soon!

28/06/2019 By Perfect Pets
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And the Winner is... Pets In The Park! image

Pets in the Park Patients - Darlinghurst Clinic