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 Gonnylde Vizsla's - Hungarian Vizsla Breeder - Adelaide, South Australia2 images
Here at Gonnylde our Hungarian Vizsla's are very important to us. Established in 1996 but my first pedigree dog was a Curly Coated Retriever name Comet... We started with the Hungarian Vizsla's ... read more
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AmorBello - Lagotto Romagnolo Breeder - Adelaide7 images
Registered Italian Lagotto Romagnolo Breeder. AmorBello aims to promote and maintain the standard of this beautiful breed.
As a breeder I strive to produce beautiful healthy dogs who are sound in ... read more
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Iglignaq - Alaskan Malamute Breeder - Adelaide, SA1 image
We are a small Kennel located in Adelaide, South Australia. We are owned by our Alaskan Malamutes & Cats. Being very proud of the temperaments of all our dogs, we strive to maintain this in our ... read more
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Steppenwolf - Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breeder - Adelaide, SA1 image
We have No litters planned

Breeders & Exhibitors of Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

We are located Just North of Adelaide South Australia. Our Stafford’s are raised in a ... read more
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Kafe German Spitz Breeder - Adelaide, SA1 image
I have been a breeder and exhibitor for a number of years. I love and enjoy the time involved in breeding dogs, and the people I meet. I do some odd shows and the Adelaide royal Conformation ... read more
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Voncronan Chihuahuas - Smooth & Long Coat Chihuahua Breeder - Adelaide, SA1 image
South Australias most consistent - all breeds and specialty winning Chihuahuas, competing in the conformation ring and showing sweet dogs, with great show attitude. Voncronan Chihuahuas are known ... read more
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Boskahun Kennel - Dachshund Standard Smooth Breeder - Adelaide, SA5 images
I have been involved with Dachshunds since 1980. My current Standard Smooths have x-ray certification - to improve the health of Dachshunds for IVDD. Health, happiness and sound temperaments is of ... read more
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Obsidion Pugs - Registered Pug Breeder - Adelaide, SA1 image
I am a long standing registered breeder/ exhibitor of pugs for the last 30 years and all my puppies are lovingly home reared, fully vaccinated, micro-chipped, vet checked and desexed prior to leaving ... read more
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Rampid Boxers - Boxer Breeder - Adelaide, SA4 images
Rampid Boxers resides on a picturesque 3 ares on the beautiful outskirts of the famous Barossa Valley wine region here in South Australia. We are a humble kennel with facilities to house boxers that ... read more
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Koziam - Registered French Bulldog Breeder - Adelaide, SA3 images
We are registered breeders and exhibitors of French Bulldogs in South Australia. Started showing and breeding 30 years ago. My mother and I have both fallen in love with French Bulldogs. We take ... read more
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 Leema Border Terriers - Border Terrier Breeders, South Australia. 2 images
Leema border terriers are based in Hamley Bridge, South Australia. Our aim is to produce healthy border terriers that meet the standard in conformation and temperament. Our dogs are pets, living in ... read more
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Paxterr -Australian Terrier Breeder - Adelaide, SA6 images
At Paxterr we have been breeding and showing Australian Terriers for 15 years. We specialize in breeding red/sandy Aussies. We are a registered breeder with Dogs SA and are also a lifetime member of ... read more
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Kirasnature, Japanese Akita dog breeder - Adelaide, SA5 images
Kirasnature, ANKC registered member body, ( Dogs SA), of purebred Japanese Akita dogs. Our dogs are all heath screened and tested, and our puppies come with breed mentoring, and support.

I have ... read more
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Bullmonty - French Bulldog Breeder - Adelaide, SA2 images
BULLMONTY is a small French bulldog kennel. All dogs are part of my family and living inside, spoiled and given lots of love and best care these guys deserve. Only sell pups to loving homes. ... read more
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Dogs for sale Adelaide

You can also check our list of dogs and puppies for sale in Adelaide.  To ensure you understand the needs of the breed you're interested in make sure you learn as much as you can by researching thoroughly (see a dog breed list and breed information).  Many things are obvious - some breeds need more grooming or exercise, while others may have inherent health issues that might not be well known.    Making contact with a breed clubs is a great idea.  They are often the best source of information and support to new pet parents.  Your lifestyle and family situation should also be considered carefully before taking on a dog.  Make sure you have enough time in your life to give a new puppy or dog the care and attention it needs to be happy and healthy.  Young pups must well socialised so that they don't develop any unhealthy behaviours like anxiety and aggression, and so that they are comfortable and relaxed in different situations.  We have a great video on puppy socialisation that is well worth watching.  Puppies need to be socialised between 12-18 weeks of age or you miss the ''critical socialisation window''.    


Dog breeders Adelaide

Dog breeders on Perfect Pets are all ANKC registered breeders (Dogs SA).  We still urge everyone who is talking to breeders to follow advice on finding a reputable breeder.  An experienced breeder understands genetics, potential health issues, and ensures that the temperament of their dogs is sound.  They also care about their dogs and will be curious about the type of home you will provide so expect questions and a criteria or checklist before they are willing to consider you as a parent for one of their pups.   At this time you could think about adoption.  There are many advantages to adopting a  puppy or dog that you may not be aware of.   Please contact dog shelters and dog rescue groups in Adelaide as well.  They may just have the pup or dog that will suit you perfectly. 


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