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Orienta Shiba Inu1 image
At Orienta, we are driven by a profound commitment to breed preservation, ethical breeding practices, and the well-being of our cherished Shiba Inu family members. With unwavering dedication, we ... read more
Redtales Shiba Inu - Brisbane, QLD2 images
Our involvement in the Shiba Inu breed began in 2006, with our goal being to breed healthy, happy, well-adjusted, and conformationally correct Shiba Inu. We are members of Dogs Queensland and abide ... read more
Kortmar Shiba Inu 16 images
Kortmar has been an ANKC Breeder & Showring Exhibitor since 1992.

We started showing & breeding Alaskan Malamutes & then Shiba Inu came along 13 years ago & turned our lives upside ... read more
Mashumarosou Shiba Inu Breeder, Adelaide, SA6 images
Welcome to Mashumarosou Kennel, we are ANKC registered Australia Shiba Inu Breeder, located in SA, mainly focusing on show at this moment. Our aim is showing and breeding quality Shiba Inu that ... read more
Sherae Kennels - Chow Chows & Shiba Inu Breeders, Boarding, Transport - Perth21 images
Sherae Kennels are breeders of top quality rough and smooth coat Chow Chows and Japanese Shiba Inus. We also offer Kennels & Cattery Boarding, Pet Transport, and are the W.A Distributor of Eagle ... read more

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