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cavalier king charles spaniel puppies for sale. cavalier king charles spaniel Dog Breeders Australia.

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Wijareco Cavalier King Charles Spaniels1 image
Our dogs have always and will always live inside with us - always on the couch or the bed, never locked outside for any amount of time. Our puppies are the same, and will be exposed to many household ... read more
NAPARK Cavaliers 2 images
Breeder of quality Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. We are only a small breeding kennel and all of our cavaliers have been DNA tested for all recognised cavy faults to ensure no defects will ... read more
Cavaliers have been my only breed since the early Eighties so I have much knowledge and experience of the breed. Have shown 32 dogs to their Championship title, and attended Specialty shows in most ... read more
Cavlypso Cavalier King Charles Spaniels2 images
Pure bred Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.
Health tested
Champion parents
Show dogs read more
Kingswear Cavalier King Charles Spaniels2 images
As a second-generation Cavalier breeder, our journey has been shaped by invaluable knowledge and experiences that have allowed us to ensure the highest quality Cavaliers. Our deep-rooted ... read more
BELLJARI Cavalier King Charles Spaniels5 images
I show and breed wholecolour cavaliers. My dogs are heart tested and eye tested by specialist vets in their fields. I dna test when needed.
I occasionally have litters. read more
Kamontry Cavalier King Charles Spaniels 1 image
I am a small breeding and show home. My dogs and puppies are part of the family and they live in the home with me. My home has been set up for their comfort. They are my companions and pets first. ... read more
Welcome to pawprint puppies. A family owned business with a love and commitment for dogs and raising pups. Our mission is to provide the ultimate gift for families, couples or singles with the ideal ... read more
We are a small breeder of Cavaliers King Charles Spaniels on acreage on the north side of Brisbane. My husband and I show when time permits at our local Specialty and Kennel Club Shows. We are ... read more
I Breed Cavaliers for the show ring, for breed type, health, soundness, betterment of the Breed and of course for beauty :).

My dogs live in my house as part of our family, they sleep on our beds ... read more
Clarehaven Cavaliers 7 images
I am a small breeder where all our breeders live in the house with us and sleep in our bed (when not raising babies of their own). When we go on holidays, our 4 legged come with us as they are part ... read more
Gembelina - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Cranbourne, VIC9 images
I have been active in the dog breeding for 50 years. I have also shown Border Collies, Cocker spaniels, Cavalier King Charles and bred them with great success.
Member of the cavalier king charles ... read more