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Registered breeder with DogsWest since 2010. All breeding dogs are DNA tested with results available to view. read more
Distance from search location: 15 Km
VONHALLA Rottweilers - Rottweiler Breeder - Perth, WA9 images
Specialising in German bloodlines breeder.

Our aim is to preserve the Rottweiler temperament and character through careful breeding pair selection, investing only high quality bloodlines for our ... read more
Distance from search location: 15 Km
Sherae Kennels - Chow Chows & Shiba Inu Breeders, Boarding, Transport - Perth21 images
Sherae Kennels are breeders of top quality rough and smooth coat Chow Chows and Japanese Shiba Inus. We also offer Kennels & Cattery Boarding, Pet Transport, and are the W.A Distributor of Eagle ... read more
Distance from search location: 15 Km
Iccara - German Shepherd Breeder - Perth, WA2 images
We at Iccara – Sue, Larry, Caitlyn and Hazel, are excited to help you adopt your perfect fur baby. We specialize in breeding the German Shepherd Dog (seen as GSD).
Sue & Larry – founders of ... read more
Distance from search location: 15 Km
Desaix Kennels - St Bernard Breeder - Perth, WA4 images
We have been successfully exhibiting and breeding quality Saint Bernards since 1993. Our intention has always been to make a positive contribution to this wonderful breed by focusing on quality not ... read more
Distance from search location: 15 Km
Eskimoyed Samoyeds 15 images
“Striving for quality in breed conformance and excellence in performance”.

I am a Registered ANKC breeder, passionate about improving genetic diversity within the Australian gene pool through ... read more
Distance from search location: 16 Km
Haoxian Pugs - Registered Pug Breeder - Perth, WA1 image
Our pugs are members of the Family. They are inside dogs & our home is focused on their Health & Welfare needs. Our passion is the Health & Welfare & making sure our Pugs lead a ... read more
Distance from search location: 16 Km
TresCaval Cavaliers - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breeder - Perth, WA11 images
NOTE: Please call me to discuss being a potential TresCaval Cavalier puppy owner.

All potential puppy buyers will ... read more
Distance from search location: 16 Km
Accropolis Saint Bernards - Saint Bernard Breeder - Perth, WA1 image
I am a small, relatively new kennel located in Western Australia. I have owned saints since I was 18 and have had some of Australia’s most successful kennels as breed mentors to help me establish ... read more
Distance from search location: 16 Km
Toorork Kennels - Pug breeder - Perth, WA. 4 images
Toorork Kennels. Pug breeder. Pugs since 1999. Show dogs + Performance pugs.

We have titled more than 40 show pugs. 'Best in show', Grand Champions and Neuter Champions.

Pups and retired ... read more
Distance from search location: 17 Km
French Bulldogs Perth, VONHALLA4 images
Perth French Bulldog breeder ~ ANKC Registered ~ Dogwest

Small and selective breeder with health, type and temperament always the top priority.

French Bulldog puppies are sometimes available. read more
Distance from search location: 17 Km
Blue Skye Staffies - English Staffordshire Bull Terriers - Perth, WA1 image
We are an ANKC Registered Breeder of Purebred Blue English Staffordshire Bull Terriers located in Perth, Western Australia.

Our dam (mum) Skye is 3 years old ( ), she is a gorgeous girl with such a ... read more
Distance from search location: 17 Km
Pelischa Chihuahuas - Smooth Coat and Long Coat Chihuahuas, WA1 image
PELISCHA is situated in Southern River in WA and we pride ourselves on breeding high quality Chihuahuas for both the show ring and as companions. read more
Distance from search location: 19 Km
Harroway Whippets1 image
I have owned and shown whippets for over 30 years and remain passionate about these fabulous dogs. Our dogs share our homes as well as the show ring - our aim to own, show, and occasionally breed, ... read more
Distance from search location: 19 Km
Sangate Labradors, Southern River WA6 images
Sangate Labs has been breeding since the early 1990’s. I am only a small kennel breeding once to twice a year. Puppies are all born in the house and raised in a home environment with plenty of ... read more
Distance from search location: 21 Km

Dogs for sale Perth

Before you make enquiries about a new puppy or dog, it's important to understand the needs of the breed you're interested in.  Make sure you learn as much as you can by researching thoroughly (see a dog breed list and breed information).    Contacting the dog breed club is encouraged as they are a great source of information and support.   Please also ensure your lifestyle and other demands leave enough time for a dog or puppy.  They need time, love and attention or you can end up with not just an unhappy dog, but a dog with difficult, even dangerous behaviours. 

Puppies need to be socialised between 12-18 weeks of age or you miss the ''critical socialisation window''.    We have a great video on puppy socialisation that is well worth watching.  


Dog breeders Perth

All the breeders we list on the Perfect Pets website are ANKC registered breeders (Dogs West).  Even so, it is very important that you follow advice on finding a reputable breeder.  Experienced breeders understand potential health issues in their breed and ensures the sound temperament of their dogs.  They also care deeply about their dogs and pups and will want to know about you and the type of home you will provide.  Good breeders will ask alot of questions and may have checklist that you must fill out so they will consider letting a pup go to you.  You could also think about adopting a dog or pup.  There are many advantages to adoption that you may not have thought of.  See our list of dog rescues and shelters in Perth.   


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