NOTE: Please call me to discuss being a potential TresCaval Cavalier puppy owner.

ANKC breeder & conformation exhibitor | Heart, eye & DNA testing | Coordinating heart clinics for vets since 2005.

Trescaval has been successful in producing champion Cavaliers and also healthy, well adjusted pets to some wonderful homes. Our focus is on breeding and showing our Cavaliers.

All breeding dogs are health tested. Since 2005 I have coordinated heart clinics for veterinary specialists. I now coordinate heart clinics for a veterinary cardiologist from The Netherlands on an annual basis.

I also eye test using a veterinary specialist as and when required.

Other conditions I DNA test for also as and when required by sending DNA samples to the UK.

Best In Show Cavaliers (Mr Sox, Carlos and JJ)
Breeder of the first WA bred tricolour Grand Champion Cavalier
Dogs West member since 1988
Australian National Kennel Council Registered Breeder

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies - TresCaval Cavaliers - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breeder - Perth, WA
Phone: 08 94539637
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