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Puppies for sale from registered Dog Breeders in Gold Coast

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Baxsiter Swedish Vallhunds - Gold Coast, QLD1 image
We are registered ANKC breeders and exhibitors in the conformation ring. We occasionally have puppies available.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. read more
Distance from search location: 0 Km
RiotAkt Staffords - Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breeder - Gold Coast, QLD4 images
At RiotAkt we are passionate about our four-legged friends.

Our dogs
- Enjoy the acreage lifestyle
- Are fed a high quality diet, and
- Have been raised in a family environment with three ... read more
Distance from search location: 0 Km
Macardo Pugs & Shih Tzu - Registered Breeder - Gold Coast, QLD1 image
Macardo Pugs & Shih Tzu's is only small so therefore, we only breed a couple of litters a year. I strive to produce quality puppies of sound, body and temperament. read more
Distance from search location: 0 Km
Jonja Kennels - Japanese Spitz Breeder - Gold Coast, QLD11 images
Hi my name is Jane, my partner John and I proudly own JONJA KENNELS. We have been showing and breeding our beautiful dogs for 11 years!!! We have just moved to Australia to operate our niche little ... read more
Distance from search location: 1 Km
Icanhaz - Swedish Vallhund & Great Dane Breeder - Gold Coast, QLD2 images
Owning a Vallhund was a long held dream of mine, so once I was in a position to do so, I started my hunt in 2014. I acquired my first Vallhund, Arche, from Linda at Maroki Kennels in New Zealand. ... read more
Distance from search location: 8 Km
Choccierayz Chocolate Labradors - Labrador Breeder Gold Coast, QLD9 images
At Choccierayz Chocolate Labradors we pride ourselves on breeding quality sound beautiful labs. We are a family based breeder and our girls are part of our family and go everywhere with us. Pups are ... read more
Distance from search location: 12 Km
Dexland German Shepherds - Gold Coast, QLD2 images
The pedigree of our puppies is of the highest quality. We breed a family dog for temperament, health and looks. Both parents being intelligent and trainable dogs with good hip/elbow scores and DM ... read more
Distance from search location: 12 Km
Ambaron Pugs - Pug Breeder - Gold Coast, QLD1 image
My pugs are my friends first, then show dogs. All my show dogs/puppies are reared within my home and are inside dogs. I breed for quality, loving temperament and because I enjoy the whole ... read more
Distance from search location: 15 Km
Maxdawn German Shepherd Breeder - QLD6 images
Maxdawn German Shepherds are a selective breeder, only breeding puppies from dogs that have excellent character, breed structure and colour and low hip and elbow scores. Our puppies are raised in the ... read more
Distance from search location: 15 Km
  Llachar - French Bulldog Breeder - Gold Coast, QLD1 image
Our family is well and truly owned by our French Bulldogs. We x-ray hips and screen spines on ALL our dogs prior to breeding - they have also proven themselves in the ring prior to breeding. We ... read more
Distance from search location: 21 Km
Ktique German Shepherds - German Shepherd Breeder - Tamborine Mtn - QLD10 images
After 30 years of owning and training German Shepherds for both competitive Obedience and Showing my daughter and I have decided to make our contribution to the improvement of the breed.

Our mission ... read more
Distance from search location: 21 Km
ODDSKI French Bulldogs - French Bulldog Breeder - Coomera, QLD10 images
At ODDSKI kennels we strive to produce healthy French Bulldogs both in physical & temperament. We continue to improve the standard so the breed has a bright and long lasting future. We only breed ... read more
Distance from search location: 24 Km
Sunluva Italian Greyhound Breeder - Gold Coast, QLD1 image
At Sunluva we aim to breed beautiful, happy and healthy Italian Greyhounds. Our puppies are raised in our home and are very loving and sociable. read more
Distance from search location: 25 Km
Cheekystaffs - Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breeder - Mundoolun, QLD3 images
Cheekystaffs breed the "old School" staffys. With correct head and body shape, size and personality. All of our dogs are fully DNA tested and cleared.

Cheekystaffs is a small stud run by Erika and ... read more
Distance from search location: 35 Km
MydnytBlue Kennels -  German Shepherd & Siberian Husky Breeder - Brisbane, QLD6 images
MydnyghtBlue was established by us as a Mother and Son kennel in Queensland. We work hard to ensure our dogs are in good condition year-round, every year. We have 6 dogs in total, but only 1 German ... read more
Distance from search location: 37 Km

Dogs for sale Gold Coast

See our list of dogs and puppies for sale and adoption on the Gold Coast.  If you're looking for a puppy or dog for your family make sure that you do your research and learn about the breed so that you really understand what you're taking on and what that breed needs for a healthy happy life.  Dog breed clubs can be very supportive and provide detailed information about everything from exercise needs to potential health issues.  Making sure that the breed will suit your lifestyle and family situation is also important.  When exicted about the prospect of a new dog or pup people tend to forget to think about the most obvious things. Dogs shouldn't be left alone for long stretches for example, so please ensure you really have enough time to give a dog or pup all the time and attention it needs.  All puppies need to be socialised to ensure that unhealthy behaviours don't develop (eg. anxiety, aggression).  Make sure you understand puppy socialisation and have time to socialise when the pup is 8-16 weeks of age.    


Dog breeders Gold Coast

All of the dog breeders listed on Perfect Pets are registered ANKC breeders (Dogs Queensland - Gold Coast) but we still recommend that you read the advice on how to find a reputable breeder.  Don't be shy to ask a lot of questions.  Making sure that the breeder is experienced, and understands potential health issues and the genetic factors that may affect their breed is critical for the health and wellbeing of your pup.  If you're considering adopting a rescue dog there are many advantages with adoption that you may not have considered.   You can also check our list of shelters and dog rescues on the Gold Coast and Queensland.