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For Adoption Yogi bear in need of care - Male Cat3 images
Friendly smoochy kitty looking for a compassionate cat lover with room in their heart and home for an older cat down on his luck. Yogi has done it tough but still has room in his big heart for ... read more
For Adoption: Jenna
For Adoption Jenna6 images
Snuggly sweetheart. Female Domestic Short Hair Cat. Such a feisty little gem who loves to play, cuddle and live life to the full.

Jenna, oh our darling little Jenna. A tiny little being, brought to ... read more
For Adoption: Nibbles
For Adoption Nibbles2 images
Swipe right for handsome! Male Domestic Short Hair Cat. Nibbles is a charming young gentleman looking for his perfect match - could it be you?

Apart from his shameful addiction to catnip, Nibbles ... read more
For Adoption: Shadow
For Adoption Shadow6 images
Shadow - Utterly adorable -Male Domestic Short Hair Cat

Meet your Shadow - a gorgeous boy with a lovely faint ginger coat. Possibly some Siamese heritage...

Looking for a unique looking cat with a ... read more
For Adoption: Cha Cha
For Adoption Cha Cha7 images
Cha Cha - Playful calico - Female Domestic Short Hair Cat

Let this little charmer dance her way into your life!

Cha Cha is a real personality - playful, adventurous and ever curious.

Full of love ... read more
For Adoption Luna *Life Force* So Affectionate And Sweet - Cattle Dog4 images
Luna will fill any active household. She would just love a home where the family is very active and will include her in all activities.
Luna will require colorbond fences and no other dogs. She ... read more
For Adoption Blackie *** A Loyal Boy *** So Affectionate & Sweet7 images
Blackie is a loving boy who loves attention. Despite the breeds he was microchipped as, Blackie is a Border Terrier X and a medium size dog, not small.
Blackie is just a sweet brilliant boy who ... read more
For Adoption Bear *** A Loyal Loving Boy ***8 images
Bear is a Lapponian Herder and is a large size boy. He is the most loyal dog you can envision. Bear is very smart and has a big heart.
He is a love bug and but will need a owner who knows how to ... read more
For Adoption: Cornish Rex for Sale
For Adoption Cornish Rex for Sale1 image
Kittens available and some adults. Please contact us for more information.
read more
For Adoption: QLD - Maggie and Diva
For Adoption QLD - Maggie and Diva1 image
Maggie and Diva were imported from NZ, therefore they have docked tails.
They have spent their whole life together and we will not separate them.

After a relationship break-up they ended up in the ... read more
For Adoption: Rescue cat
For Adoption Rescue cat3 images
Desexed microchipping included and vaccinated
Friendly kind hearted rescue cat needs a new loving family
He's cheeky and confident read more
For Adoption: Miss Stella
$200 ea
For Adoption Miss Stella1 image
DOB 1/11/2018
Stella has the most adorable personality, she loves to run around like a crazy girl, but she also like her time to lay on top of you and sleep the hours away. The minute ... read more
For Adoption: Miss Willow
$200 ea
For Adoption Miss Willow1 image
DOB 1/11/2018

adoption fee $200
* 1st vaccination
* Microchipped
* Desexed
* Parasite treated

Daco Registration No:- DACO121749 read more
For Adoption: MJ
$200 ea
For Adoption MJ1 image
DOB Nov 2018

adoption fee $160
* 1st vaccination
* Microchipped
* Desexed
* Parasite treated

Daco Registration No:- DACO121749 read more
For Adoption: Toothless
$160 ea
For Adoption Toothless1 image
Chocolate brown/Black
DOB 20/11/2018

adoption fee $160
* 1st vaccination
* Microchipped
* Desexed
* Parasite treated

Daco Registration No:- DACO121749 read more