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Welsh Springer Spaniel Puppies! Haven't heard of them? Well listen up!

They are an amazing all round family dog. They have very few health problems, beautiful coats that are easy to maintain, and natures that are hard to beat. With puppies that have gone into homes as young children's first dog, retirement companions, and even school visiting dogs, these guys suit any and everything.

My particular pups have been raised with a variety of different animals over the years including but not limited to; sheep, orphan lambs, joey's, calves, horses, chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits and kittens. If introduced slowly, I don't have problems with them.

Aside from how wonderful they are with other animals, these dogs LOVE human company. My girls in particular seek out young children's company, and have been junior handler dogs in the show ring too. Known as "Velcro dogs", they are happiest when with you. And their energy needs can often just fit in with your lifestyle whether it be super active or more laid back, they work around you.

These puppies parents have been carefully selected to limit potential health problems, as well as have also been health tested for any issues that are within the breed. This means only breeding from dogs with adequate/low hip and elbow scores to prevent hip/elbow displaysia, and also having their eyes tested for the predisposition to glaucoma.

Our puppies are raised in a great environment, with lots of care taken to their early development and socialisation. They are registered with the Australian National Kennel Club (ANKC) and come with papers/pedigrees that can be traced back generation upon generation.

They are not backyard bred, and come with a lifetime of support from myself. I can tell you what to expect up to a point, with a lot more certainty than partbred puppies. This is also a rare breed in Australia, and breeding for preservation as well as to spread the word about this wonderful breed is part of my goal. But my main goal is to breed happy, healthy dogs that are improving on the current stock in Australia. Dogs that are of sound type and temperaments, that make amazing pets as a bonus.

Don't get me wrong, like any dog and puppy they need time, dedication and training to reach their full potential. There is no difference between working lines and show/pet lines, so they do love to use their noses and it best channelled into their training where possible. They have been used as assistance dogs and I feel with the correct socialisation and training they could excel in this area.

If you're interested in our puppies it's not a first in best dressed situation. I have an extensive questionnaire that I am happy to send out to interested parties. They are also handpicked by myself for their most suitable application. This is because I spend 8-10 weeks with the puppy and will know best what natured pup will suit your lifestyle as opposed to you meeting them for a few minutes. Please feel free to ring and leave a message and I'll return calls.

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