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Angelfire Maine Coons Cattery - Maine Coon Cat Breeder - Perth, WA3 images
My name is Lisa Smith I am the owner of Angelfire Maine Coons Cattery located in Perth Western Australia and have been established since 2017. I operate a closed cattery to protect our adult cats and ... read more
Distance from search location: 0 Km
Natmac Burmese - Registered Pedigree Burmese Cat Kitten Breeder - Perth, WA Western Australia6 images
Hobby Breeder, Registered Breeders of High Quality Pedigree Burmese Kittens and Cats. We are small boutique hobby breeders of the beautiful Burmese cats. Our kittens are a home reared, super; ... read more
Distance from search location: 0 Km
Chariot of Freya Cattery - British Shorthair Breeder - Perth WA 12 images
Breeder of quality British Shorthairs.
All raised in a household environment and with the best food and treatment.

I have been breeding for many years now and recently got into showing my cats ... read more
Distance from search location: 0 Km
Leonix Cattery - British Shorthair Cat Breeder - Perth, WA15 images
Leonix cattery is located in Perth, Western Australia. I am a small, dedicated, hobby breeder, aiming to produce healthy kittens true to temperament and types of the breed.

All Leonix kittens ... read more
Distance from search location: 0 Km
Picobello Cornish Rex13 images
KITTENS DUE early 2024
We are hobby breeders with a small show team that we exhibit here in Perth Australia. We strive to breed Cornish Rex kittens with excellent coat ... read more
Distance from search location: 0 Km
RoyalStellar Ragdolls5 images
Pedigree Ragdolls raised in a loving family home. The most stunning & beautifully natured Ragdolls. read more
Distance from search location: 0 Km
Cocatrolis - British Shorthair Breeder - Perth, Western Australia2 images
Our aim is to breed healthy kittens of show quality in bicolour and solid blue, chocolate, cinnamon, fawn, cream, white and lilac. We are registered breeders with Cats United WA as well as our local ... read more
Distance from search location: 5 Km
DOLCHINDOLLS - Ragdoll Cat Breeder - PERTH WA4 images
Dolchindolls is a boutique cattery located in Perth. The cattery is registered in COAWA. We only breed bicolor and tabby bicolor kittens now, the color patterns include seal, blue, lilac, and ... read more
Distance from search location: 5 Km
Kamanda Bengals1 image
With our exceptional bloodlines, we focus on developing the breed, producing the stunning Bengals, bringing their exotic looks, cheeky and loving personalities to both families and the show ring. ... read more
Distance from search location: 8 Km
Glenmaulyn Cattery : Abyssinian & Somali Cat Breeder - Perth, WA1 image
Glenmaulyn Cattery first began in the 1960’s when my mother, Sylvia Cooper, was given a magnificent pale blue longhair male by the name of Lavendel Blue Monarch, and from then on, bred longhairs ... read more
Distance from search location: 12 Km
Tambourah Ragdolls - Ragdoll Cat Breeder - Perth, WA2 images
Registered Breeder of Quality Ragdoll Cats for more than 20 years plus regular showing of Ragdolls with very good success also for many years. read more
Distance from search location: 12 Km
Monalea Birmans14 images
Monalea Birmans - Located south of the river.

Hi my name is Monica, I breed blue, lilac, chocolate and seal point Birmans.

Kittens are well socialized.

They are microchipped, vaccinated and ... read more
Distance from search location: 13 Km

Cats for Sale Perth

See our list of cats and kittens for sale and adoption in Perth.   You can also find information about the breed that interests you in our full list of cat breeds.   Many people don't realise that there can be significant differences from one breed to another from feeding requirements, and long term health issues to more obvious things like grooming needs.  Cat Breed clubs can also be a great source of information and support.   


Cat breeders Perth

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Find a full list of registered cat breeders in Perth, Western Australia.  If you're thinking about a new pet and contacting breeders see our advice on finding a reputable breeder.  It's so important that you find a caring and experienced breeder that understands genetics, and ensures the long term health and wellbeing of their cats.  Please also consider adopting a kitten or adult cat - there are many advantages to adopting a cat that you may not have thought of.  We also have a list of cat shelters and cat rescues in Perth that you can refer to.