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Southern Animal Health opened in 2009 with our Less Is Healthier way of practicing, which basically encompasses removing the excess retail aspect of our profession and concentrating solely on advising our clients whatever we would do for our own dogs. In more basic terms, we genuinely treat your dog as though they are our own.

Our clinic's emphasis is on high-end medicine and surgery and one of the journeys that this took us on, was the significant health issues associated with brachycephalic breeds.

Under the guidance of Dr Karin Davids our whole clinic came to quickly understand the largely misunderstood and mismanaged aspects of these breeds, not only by breeders who largely incorrectly advise owners, but unfortunately by the majority of general veterinary practitioners.

We felt a dedicated resource for brachycephalic health concerns was needed to help educate the public with regards to what to expect with these breeds, and what options are available for consideration for them to live a longer and healthier life.

This resulted in Melbourne Bulldog Clinic (or otherwise known as MBC), being operational within Southern Animal Health. Hence not only does MBC concentrate on brachycephalic specific issues, we also incorporate our Less Is Healthier advice for a less retail, healthier lifestyle long term.

One service MBC offers brachycephalic breed owners is no charge Bulldog Education Consultations. This one on one 30-45 minute discussion covers all the health aspects you should understand and consider. We also explain our long term Less Is Healthier philosophy for both cost savings and a healthier life. We offer these due to our passion for Bulldogs and to help educate owners which in turn will help ensure a change of breeding standards becomes a topic of genuine consideration.

We also wish to educate the public with regard to a Less Is Healthier lifestyle, so that you can make better choices for your dog, and in turn, help educate other dog owners of their options.

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