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Klabauter Standard Schnauzers has been in operation since 1999, when the breed was chosen for being Austrian/German in origin, its non-shedding coat, versatility, loyalty and temperament. We only have a small number of dogs which share our household, and all puppies are brought up in a family environment. They absolutely love our young children and can be completely trusted with them. We are active in the showring, and have produced winners at Sydney and Brisbane Royals and many Champion titled dogs and bitches.

We are dedicated to improving the black Standard Schnauzer in Australia and have imported breeding stock from Europe, where black and salt and pepper are separate breeds, in order to improve colour, coats and type.

From almost every litter we breed we retain a puppy for ourselves to go into the showring, often to replace a female that can head into a well earned retirement. We want to see them have long and healthy lives, and this means that breeding healthy dogs is the first and most important goal we have.

HEALTH: The Standard Schnauzer is a very robust breed and has no hereditary health issues that can not be dealt with by a good breeding program. We undertake the available DNA testing in this regard to ensure our stock are not affected. Please read our Health Information page on our website for more.

TEMPERAMENT: The second most important thing in a companion animal is its temperament, well before looks. We have over the last 10 years paid great attention to temperament, and now have dogs that are very clever and are happy to participate in any activity on offer, but are generally not very high energy dogs. This makes them very suitable as family pets living in a suburban setting, and many of our puppies have gone to families with small children.

LOOKS: We are on a quest to constantly improve conformation, coats and movement in our dogs for the showring. We have been very lucky to have the help of Grand Calvera kennels in the Czech republic, who has produced World Dog Show winners and sent us the best available bloodlines. We went on a 'reconnaissance' mission to Europe this year, and have visited the World Dog Show in Helsinki in 2014 to see for ourselves. We learnt lots, critically viewing so many dogs during judging. Our second import stud dog arrived from the Czech Republic in 2023, 'Yakir Black Grand Calvera'.

Klabauter Standard Schnauzers is a member of Dogs NSW, the body regulating purebred dogbreeding in NSW under the umbrella of the Australian National Kennel Council. Member breeders are governed by Rules and Regulations and a Code of Ethics.

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