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A small country town registered breeder of English Cocker Spaniels & now Toy Poodles.

Gypsysands Kennels is situated in Broken Hill NSW 2880, that is set in the outback of Australia. To be able to include my companions and every day lovable pets in the label of "HOBBY" is a great excuse.

We are an extended-family with our spaniels, as my mum, then me, have been raised ourselves with cocker spaniels as pets growing up. Now with help from the kids, our cockers are raised to learn how to play and socialise, and are very well handled and loved.

We are currently focusing on toy poodles and are not breeding cocker spaniels at this time.

Poodle Puppies, Broken Hill NSW - Gypsy Sands - Toy Poodle Breeder - Broken Hill, NSW

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