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My name is Carol and my husband, Peter, and I breed Birmans in Canberra, Australia. We breed seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, reds and torties. We aim to produce healthy cats with good temperaments. We work with other breeders to constantly improve the quality of our Birmans.

The success of Bindura Birmans has come from our love of Birmans and our committment to producing quality show standard cats with superb temperaments.

We are registered with CCI which is affiliated with CCCA. I am the President of the Canberra Birman Cat Club which is the only club in Australia to hold a Birman specialist show every year in May. I am also an executive committee member of CCI.

If you are interested in ordering a cat for showing, breeding or as a pet please contact us.

Breeder Questionnaire

Question. Do you health test in accordance with the current standards and recommended guidelines for your breed? Can you demonstrate your knowledge of any required DNA or other health related test results concerning your breed (if applicable).
Full trait testing, old, updating my information sheets to hand out to my pet owners. Spreading the word at cats shows when talking to public.
Question. Do you ensure that your kittens are appropriately socialised? Please provide details about how you raise your kittens to ensure that their environmental and social needs are met, that they are suitable as pets. And, do you ensure that the new family understands and is equipped to continue this socialisation?
My kittens are all born in the house. Gradually moved ftom birthing box to certain areas of the house and when had first vaccination action they then are main part of the house until sold. Lots of handling.
Question. What written information about the conditions of sale, warranty, and information concerning the care and maintenance of the breed do you provide?
I give a health guarantee. My kittens are desexed before they leave. Verbal interview. Like to meet people. If not happy won’t sell. Explain about keeping pets inside if not happy refuse to sell
Question. Is ensuring that your kittens go to the right home a high priority? How do you ensure that the kitten will be a good fit, and be well cared for in its new home? Do you have a verbal or personal interview?
Regular meetings and interview. If they come to the house and have children I like too see how much supervision is given while here. If not happy or unsure I don’t sell. Even taking to oriole over the phone I will not sell a kitten. Just a feeling from how they respond back.
Question. Do you offer ongoing support? For example: Help with introducing a kitten to other animals; help with any health or behavioural problems that might occur.
Any question they gave isn’t a silly question or concern. I kept in contact with the pet owners.
Question. In the long term, do you assist with re-homing a kitten or cat if for some reason the new family are unable to care for it?
Yes I would. I haven’t had that in all the years I have been breeding but have helped people when they have contacted me through our cat club.
Question. Do you offer pet insurance?
Breeder has not answered this question

Birman, Siberian Kittens, Canberra, ACT - Bindura Birmans & Babuschka Siberians - Canberra, ACT

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