My name is Carol and my husband, Peter, and I breed Birmans in Canberra, Australia. We breed seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, reds and torties. We aim to produce healthy cats with good temperaments. We work with other breeders to constantly improve the quality of our Birmans.

The success of Bindura Birmans has come from our love of Birmans and our committment to producing quality show standard cats with superb temperaments.

We are registered with CCI which is affiliated with CCCA. I am the President of the Canberra Birman Cat Club which is the only club in Australia to hold a Birman specialist show every year in May. I am also an executive committee member of CCI.

If you are interested in ordering a cat for showing, breeding or as a pet please contact us.

Birman, Siberian Kittens - Bindura Birmans & Babuschka Siberians - Canberra, ACT
Phone: 0407442256
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