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Amity Cats is a family based pedigree cat breeder. Our family have a profound appreciation for animal companionship. We are a diverse large family and our cats of past and present are well socialized with children of diverse abilities and temperaments, my eldest kiddo's assistance dog and the occasional chicken.

Preparing for and rearing our kittens is an absolute joy that requires dedication to their parents welfare and their developmental needs. Our cats here are tested and cleared of known genetic issues and our breeding program is planned with deliberate consideration to breed the best babies from our happy queens and studs that we can.

We even have a marvellously friendly Teaser Tom, our vasectomised Mr Kimchi, to facilitate non medical and stress free rest periods where our queens cannot possibly fall pregnant while being able to act upon their natural cycles.

Our beautiful babies are double vaccinated, vet checked, microchipped and desexed prior to leaving for their happy family homes beyond ours.

Our ragdoll lines include solid, mink and traditional ragdolls (we are working on breeding a sepia over the next couple of years).

Our Siamese/oriental line is built in cooperation with other seasoned show breeders.

Our Tonkinese line is moving towards an intermediate line where my queen Dorothy is a first generation cross of Siamese to Burmese.

In the next two years we will breed and raise a first generation stud to continue this pedigree breeding program.

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Phone: 0412876133
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