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Yasmin was born in June 2018. Yasmin is a very typical black cat. Sometimes you forget you have her! She's not an affectionate cat, except occasionally at night she will jump into bed and demand pats and scratches. Yasmin loves sleeping on window sills and watching the world go by. Unfortunately for Yasmin those street survival instincts never quite left her, despite her foster parents raising her since a one week old kitten. Yasmin is not interested in engaging with other animals or kids and will simply hide in her chosen spot (usually a window sill) . She is a really sweet little thing and her foster parents wish she would engage more, but Yasmin is happy and is often seen playing like a kitten with material or toys or paper. Yasmin never displays any form of aggression and can be handled easily when necessary. She takes tablets without issue, she is a breeze to apply flea treatment too. She just simply likes her own space. The ideal home for Yasmin would be a busy working person/couple, who were happy to enjoy the company of a cat from afar. While she may not be sitting on your lap, she will usually be watching from close by. She will occasionally jump up on the bed and sleep, even with 3-4 other cats in the bed. Yasmin, like her brother Yukon, has a unique meow which is usually on display if you are running late with dinner! She is a good eater and a very clean cat obsessed with a clean litter box. It will take a special and patient home to win Yasmin over, but it will definitely be worthwhile if you are willing to put the effort in. All her vet work has been done including desexing, microchip, vaccinations, flea and worm treatment.

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