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Poor Orion, it's never his turn with the single brain cell shared with his sisters. He would love to spend all of his days cuddled with his mother, but she wants nothing to do with him, could be because he was thrice her size before he was fully weaned. Orion is a goose. There is simply no other word to describe him. Recently, Orion found himself stuck in a cereal carton... how did he obtain this carton? No one knows. Where did the brand new bag of cereal from inside go? No one knows. Orion also found out he can open drawers if they are left opened a slither, getting in is easy. Getting out on the other hand? Uh no. Im just going to scream until I'm rescued, then hiss at the rescuers for interrupting my rendition of Mozart's "the marriage of Figaro" we are convinced Orion has no idea what's happening most of the time, he's just along for the ride!

Age: 11th April 2022
Breed: Domestic Medium Hair
Kid friendly: no
Cat friendly: yes - mostly with his mum
Dog friendly: untested - probably not
Bird friendly: untested
House/Litter trained: Yes
Estimated size as an adult: Medium
Location: Atherton
Microchip: 978101083684424
Orion has been desexed, microchipped, flea and worm treated, and vaccinated twice.

Health Tested
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